Subject: Re: Black TS 18 Revision


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From: "Robert Evans"

Date:  Sun, 12 Oct 2003 23:53:48 -0500


Alright, here is the revision of the deck, lets see what else needs to be done.


Before I get started, I've got a debate in my mind.  Android Attack Drill is nice, but easily gotten rid of or shut down, I thought of running two of those.  Or, perhaps 2 unexpected companies, to help pull out the allies better.  Or maybe you could make a suggestion for those.  Anyway, here is what I've done to her after the tech.  Hope she looks a lot better.


Main Personality

Android 18 1-4 CS, no HT


TS Black Style Mastery

North Kai Sensei


In Sensei Deck


BSM x3

Black Pivot Kick x3

Black Energy Swirl x3

Black Face Smash x3

(hey, I filled it)



Android 13

Android 14

Android 15

Android 17 CS

Android 20 CS



Vegeta's Quickness Drill

Black Weakness Drill

Black Smoothness Drill

Android Attack Drill x2 or Unexpected Company x2

Expectant Trunks

A Hero's Heart is Strong x2

Frieza is Ready

Hero's Lucky Break



TES x3

Aura Clash x2

Android 17 Smirks


Android Tag Team

Cell's Treatening Position

Injured Circuits

Android 18's Stare Down x3


Cells Defense


Power of the Dragon


Physical Combats

Android 18's Left Hook x2

Black Defensive Stance x3

Gohan's Kick x3

Black Body Destruction

Goku's Flight x3

Black Wrist Block (only had 1)


Energy Combats

Black Energy Web x2

Black Recovery

Black Knife Hand Strike x2

Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast x3

Yamucha's Skillful Defense x3

Goku's SS Blast x2

Black Protection Orb

Goku Swiftly Moving x3

Vegeta's Jolting Slash x3

Super 13s Destruction Bomb

Nappa's Energy Aura


Android 19's Energy Blast x3

Black Turning Kick x2

Black Fore Fist Punch x2



City in Turmoil x2


Alright.  I left in 2 left hooks simply because I've faced MBS Blue Masterys, and everyone around here now knows just how evil those things can prevention...round of hurting.  north kai can handle two shots of that as well.  That was the reason the 4 were in there in the first place, not for the endurance, but for that mastery, since I see people running it a lot in the future.  A lot of changes were made, many cards taken out, but half the deck stayed the same.  I feel the non-combats are stronger now, thus I added lucky break, to help get some of them out.  Still debated on Android Attack Drill x2 or Unexpected Company x2.  The bonus to the attacks is nice, since they are all android, stacked along with the TS mastery, but the ability to pull out allies quickly is also nice, epecially with A20 floating around in there.


Anyway, lets see what your magical eyes can spot with it this time.



You're fast. Second email before I get a chance to read the first one.


Cool, filled Sensei deck. But I would try to fit in a couple Front Punches if you can. Freestyle decks with a ton of non-discardable drills are really annoying, and one Front Punch can easily turn a game around.


Yeah, add A19 to stop an energy.


Android Attack Drill is yes decent, especially in Orange (try discarding your hand to A14 if you get a bad one, and each one will do +2 life, decent). But in your case you probably don't have room for it.


Don't run Unexpected Company. Looking Good is eons better. Gathering of Heroes is also really good. A full powered up android army is not easy to deal with.


Probably 2 Weakness. I run 2 Weakness and 1 Smoothness in my main deck.


Your Combats look solid. I think you nailed everything. No wait you missed Battle Pausing. That's it. Oh, and you might want to consider Android 16 Smiles and cut some other blocks.


Cut the left hooks for 2 more Body Destruction.


Don't worry too much about the Wrist Blocks. Kid Buu has an even better one (Black Buffer Block).


Now looking at your defense I think you now run too much. You run a ton of omnis, and while that's good, you will probably be running a big handful of the attack/block cards like Turning Kick, Body Destruction, and Knife Hand Strike that you don't need as many. If you need room, you can easily shave off a couple. Maybe even replace some with Recovery if you get more.


Black Fore Fist Punch... well, it isn't that great anymore. I would attempt to put 1 or 2 more Destruction Bombs, and you by all means need 3 Android 13's Prepared Stance. That card is ownage.


2 City is nice. You might want to consider another third or maybe a couple Locations. For some random reason I'm thinking Winter Countryside but I think that won't be what you really need. Can't put my finger on it right now.


The reason why I think you don't need Left Hook is because you run North Kai and Hero's Heart is Strong. That's all.


Nice revamp, the deck is definitely shaping up. Doing very good without any uber expensive cards. This should go far.



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