From: CorruptionsSoul
Date: Fri, 04 Jul 2003 08:32:02 -0400

Over my time playing DBZ I've played alot of different archetypes and deck strategies. I had a Namekian Energy PTT deck for a while, only had two GBS's and one Namekian Strike, so it was less than perfect.

My latest deck for standard is a Black Tokui-Waza(Buu) Roshi DB (dende) deck. (mainly because its cheaper to play than namekian, my reason for needing to save money is mentioned later) Its been working at the local tournament with the abilty to use the omni-blocks to block focused, and the fact that the black omni's are not combats but physical combats so I don't have to worry about them being Sphere'd. And mainly, they arent removed from game after use. It also runs Black Power Up as a non-combat combat ender. Along with Smoothness drill (which I am starting to like more and more). The deck actually got Huh?? hit against it and I managed to win survival victory by using dende ball 2 to recur the Alt Dende ball 7 back into my life deck, then using black conservation drill to Refill the deck as much as I could. He could have won if he had stopped attacking. Oh well, I took the packs and was happy with it.

Now for some actual questions.

I've heard of Backlash decks, and I have faced one in a tournament before (I was playin orange roshi dende db), I'm just wondering what makes a backlash deck work. I haven't seen one (or at least a good one) posted anywhere, and I even saw that backlash deck managed to get into the top 4 at nationals (which I was unable to attend because I'm a daddy as of exactly two weeks ago). Speaking of nationals, I was actually planning on looking for you there to tell you that you have given me some good tips in your advice to others. I was wondering if you had a good idea of a Backlash deck, or have seen some good ones work. I've been looking for tech on them for about 3 weeks now and I've come up with a few things, one was using some of the black cards to discard obvious blocks from their hand, such as face slap/right kick and of course Staredowns/confrontations(depending on what personality I choose) But then I realize that they will be drawing 5 so that stategy isnt the best. Thats another big thing. What is the best personality to choose for a backlash deck, or at least some of the top best ones.

My Second inquiry is about Tapkar. Most likely Tuff-Enuff. I'm tryin to build a good tapkar deck, I have four "Tapkar on the Move" to start it out with. I was thinking those and Dyeing planets to handle some namekian and buu recursion, then running a heros heart is strong to help with that also. Buu just seems so strong in tuff-enuff. When I do beat him its just barely. So I was thinking Tapkar, then abusing his personality powers by using "Supreme Kai's Ki Push." I was wondering if you know any other tech that can be abused by using Tapkar. And I need to ask a big question with pretty much determines a few cards in my deck and no one around here seems to know a definite answer too. Are celestial warriors heros or villians or rouge? Thats a big question, then I can decide alot of staples. I was thinking again using black discard(dont know why I like discard so much, guess its all the years of playing magic) and getting rid of some of there blocks then trying to beat them down with ki pushes/on the moves/need help with other big attacks. I'm not usually the all out attacker, so I'm kinda falling short on what attacks I should use. Blinding strikes ring a bell, but I got rid of one of mine and getting more will be hard. So any tech or idea's you have for a good tuff-enuff/or standard tapkar deck would be helpful.

Hmm.... What if I combined the deck. Using a non-tw Tapkar with backlashes.... Anyway I think I've already asked enough questions for one email so I should probably save any others for a later one.

Thanks alot,

That's ok, your questions are well welcomed.

I assume I'm talking to someone older than I am... that seems funny but oh well.

Piccolo the Trained Namekian and Roshi DB are the strongest archtypes. Goku Freestyle DB and Goku 1-3 Saiyan (kills any 1-3 deck) are not far behind. Roshi DB can be played a million different ways, but the strongest is by far colorless. Black can be used (CS is best) and can serve as a strange way to win (Mischevious Drill your whole deck away, then WTLTH and DB to win).

I did not attend Nationals, however I will be attending San Diego Big 4 and Worlds. Only one short week away... I cannot believe it myself.

Smoothness Drill and Weakness Drill is uber annoying...

Anyway... let's get to the task at hand.

Backlash decks. Well, I play one, but it is a hybrid one.
A straight Backlash deck tries to set up a perfect Backlash consisting of: Krillin's Solar Flare (no physical combats) Red Shielded Strike (no energy combats) Piccolo's Fist Block (no Combats) and Cosmic Backlash (can't be blocked except by powers and non-combats, you should be aware of these already)

Getting those cards in the same hand is tricky. Android 18 and Master Roshi do the best job at this. Bardock can as well with his ability to see the hand. Any deck manipulation is uncanny for Backlash.

Support cards like Namekian Throw (sorta like Android 18's Stare Down) and Gohan's Kick are present.

Cosmic Backlash is very risky, but can be pulled off at almost any time. You an always just randomly Backlash to see if it hits for the win if you are losing bad, or just stopped all possible way for your opponent to hurt you this combat.

The problem with using Black cards to discard your opponent's hand is because they for the most part force a TW to be declared. You don't need too much tech for the hand; just the ability to see the hand and get rid of anything that will stop your KSF or CB from breaking through.

Tapkar... he's long dead. His power has been errataed to nothingness. Go check the CRD and you'll see how bad it is. Also... Tapkar would have no reason to play Supreme Kai's Ki Push besides the big damage. Tapkar wants to level; the higher he goes, the better he becomes. Tapkar is way too risky for anyone to play, mainly because the errata on him downright killed him.

Celestial Warriors = people who risked their lives to save their planet, rewarded to keep their body by King Yemma/Grand Kai etc because of their good deeds. That should be enough for you to know that they are heroes. If that's not enough, go to the Buu rulebook.

Black Tapkar and Backlash Tapkar was all the rage before he got errated. It was pretty much all that was played. He beat anything and everything with his ability to manipulate his cards. Now he is just fodder I should feed to my dog. He used to be amazingly good, but if you know the errata, you'd realize how terrible he is now compared to beng the best and most broken personality made by Score ever.

Black Tapkar used his 10 or so card hand to discard your opponent's whole hand, and then just kill them with the rest of the cards. Backlash Tapkar used Namekian Throw and discard some cards to discard your opponent's whole hand, and then use Krillin's Solar Flare and Red Shielded Strike without them being blocked, followed with Backlash (or Fist Block or TES in hand, etc).

Have fun with that. If you are going to Worlds, find me and say hi. I'll be around...

The errata is on, look under Celestial Arena and visit the rules page. That should be where it is.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan