To Matthew Low:
Sorry about all of these questions but I'm almost finished for my deck.... 1)Do you need multiple Scouters for Allies? 2)For Blue Gambit the effect (any allies may be 2 levels above yours) does
that mean if say... Dende
is at Level 2 then I can have up to level 4 but if I use say Supreme Kai's
Ki Push to go down a level what do I do with the level 3 or 4 ally? 3)Since Majin Vegeta is a rouge can he be an ally in my Dende deck? 4)I'm going to buy some single cards so tell me if these are a good deal: Dende Level 1 : 1.00 Dende Level 2: 4.00 Surronded! Fusion Preview .50 Elder Kai Sensei: 4.00 Dende Level 3: 6.00 Also shipping is free if I go over 5.00 But I might not buy Dende's Level 3 but buy many Buu Saga Boosters..... Thanx again Koolkong13 ________________________________________
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1. Yes and no. I have a box full of scouters I use. You just need something to keep track of each ally's power stages. Scouters and even cards not in the game work. 2. Dende has only 3 levels, so he can only have level 1 allies in his deck (the ally rule where allies must be 2 levels lower than your MP). If you MP was Goku, and you have level 3 allies, and you used Blue Gambit, you can put your level 3 allies out even at level 1. And if you are at level 3, and you use Supreme Kai's Ki Push, nothing would happen to your allies. And there is no way to ever have a level 4 or 5 ally. The rule book says so. Highest level is 5. 5 - 2 = 3. Level 3 is the highest. 3. No. Majins still must be allies of Majin Main Personalities. 4. I have like 5 Elder Kais, who knows how many Surrounded, and a lot of Dendes. I don't value them very high at all. Honestly, I'd just GIVE you them... Dende Level 1 : .50 Dende Level 2: 1.00 Surrounded! Fusion Preview .02 Elder Kai Sensei: 1.00 Dende Level 3: 2.00 And with those prices, I even think that's steep.

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