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Ok sorry about the Z-only it's time for some GT cards. This is my first GT deck I've made, so I doubt it's any good, but here it is's focus is getting Super 17 to higher levels, mainly through Energetic Mastery...thanks for your time

>> You mean Focused deck right? <<

Super Android 17 levels 1-5

Black Energetic Mastery

Non combats and drills:
Piccolo's destruction drill
Black tickle drill X2
Black concealed weaopnry drill
Power up the most
Gokus realization
Black gripe
Inner stregnth drill
Black Domination X3
Black good-bye X2

>> Youíre Energetic Mastery, so thereís no need for Tickle Drills. The
>> only drills Setups Iíd keep are Domination and Goodbye. The rest
>> arenít necessary at all. Energetic levels like a madman, so most
>> drills donít last very long at all. And of course, you should be
>> focusing on beating your opponent to pieces or blocking attacks. <<

Allies: Freiza lvl. 1 Super 17 saga

>> Random but whatever you want. <<

Db's-Black Star 1-4

>> You should be running all 7. Black has a major lack of non-combat
>> destruction, so DB6 is more than needed. Besides, it helps card draw
>> and gives you an alternate victory and shot at timed wins. <<

Physical attacks:
Black shattering knee X2
Black deadly crush X3
Super 17's Bear Crash
Black vengeful impact X2
Black friezas left chop X2
Hurcule's crescent punch X2
Black Clash X2
Anrdoid rocket crush
Hidden power level
Black interruption

>> Deadly Crush is decent. Left Chop is good. Crescent Punch is good for
>> mirror matches. Interruption is good. Clash is decent. You should be
>> running three copies of good attacks, not 2 or 1 unless you have a
>> really good reason behind it. Reason is it gives you more uses and
>> chances to draw them up. Donít replace those with random bad cards
>> like Hidden Power Level. <<

Energy attacks:
Black frieza's destructo disk X3
Super 17's overwhellming assault
Black friezas fierce detonation X2
Black ki surge X2
Black Uber blast X2
Black firebreath X2
Super 17's dark ki X2
Black full foce impact X2

>> Fierce Detonation is a messed up good card. Ki Surge is good.
>> Firebreath and Dark Ki are terrible. Full force Impact is good.
>> Destructo Disk is one of the few removal tools Black has. Youíre
>> missing Black Broly Blasts, and of course, max out on the good
>> attacks and ditch the bad ones. <<

Black elbow block
Black guard X2
Black fallback X3
Super 17s absorption X2
Black buffer X2
Black laser dodge X2
Black opposition X2
Black flight X2
Aerial elusion X2
Black inturruption
Super 17s aerial defense X3

>> Again youíre lacking in the thought that you run 3 copies of good
>> cards. I say Fallback, Elbow Block, Flight, Elusion, Interruption
>> (you listed it twice), Aerial Defense, and Absorption. That should be
>> enough. <<

Event cards (excluding blocks):
Black command X3
City rampage
Black flinch X2

>> Flinch is good. City RampageÖ Gotenís Straight Beam is better IMO. Command is broke so youíre obviously running it.

What I donít get is that youíre not running Epic Battle of Saiyans, Mark of the Dragon, Dragon Radar, Trunks Reconstruction, Masterful Defense, or General Rilldoís Force Field. All great and amazing cards in Focused. Consider them. Most of those are staples too.

With Shadow Dragon Saga out, donít forget to add some new cards like Black Tunneling Technique. <<
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