Subject: Re: My Goku Freestyle Anger

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From: Bobbyj654
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 00:25:20 EDT

Hello again,I was looking through my cards and I found this deck in there,so
do you think you can give it a fix,its been a while since I have seen it

Goku The Hero,CS
Goku The Saiyan,CS
Goku level 4,CS
Goku The Legendary,BS

West Kai Sensei,to counter the Victorious Drill
3xOrange Rapid Attack
1xSaiyan Headshot
I dont really worry about Dragon Ball too much,too fast for it to counter

Alt.Dende Dragonball 1,like a 2 in 1 for me,techs against DB and gives me 2


3xBlue Leaving
1xTime Is A Warriors Tool
1xTrunks Energy Sphere,I notice they slow my deck down a bit 1xRed Kind Cold Observation

Energy Combat-1
1xNappas Energy Aura

I cant get a hold of a Freizas Force Bubble

Phyiscal Combat-33
4xGokus Training
3xGohans Kick
3xBlack Hug Manuver
3xMajin Vegetas Frantic Attack
3xRed Shattering leap
3xBlack Personal Smack
3xBlack Triple Team
2xGokus Phyiscal Attack
2xRed Eye Laser Assualt
2xNamekian Side Kick
1xCells Backslap
1xOrange Elbow Smash,1 makes sense to me

3xBlack Side Kick

Total= 52

Well thats it,do what you can,I just dont think that it needs that much
teching cuz it really has to win in 2-3 turns,with a good hand it could easily win
within 1 and a half turns,so fix and critisize,Thanks

It's late so I'm going to do a quick review, but honestly Freestyle or in other words colorless anger doesn't really work very well anymore.

I wouldn't attempt something like this since the deck is more or less crippled with that errata that was done but oh well.

Run 3 Trunks Energy Spheres, they are more or less staples and they are at least better than some of the other bad cards you are running. You are missing Orange Temple Strike. Freestyle anger uses the regular level 3 from Cell Saga, not the HT. That's because it is a physical attack. You should worry about Dragon Ball. DB decks aren't stupid like you assume they are. More or less they'll end combat so fast you won't get off level 1. Or something like that. You don't need Alt DDB1. Namek DB 4 sounds better. Non-Combats slow down the deck. You also don't want combat enders. Blocks also should be in a really low supply; I would use just the normal staple blocks and nothing else. And of course you need 3 Confrontation.

See, the thing is the deck relys on Orange Rapid Attack and Black Personal Smack with multiple physicals in a combat. There was an errata that killed this archtype beyond belief. The Infinite Goku errata killed it even more. In the current environment, don't expect to be Personal Smacking much for anger since Freestyle and Orange get drills out and keep them out quite easily. One simple COGD on Orange Rapid Attack and it is pretty much good game, as there is not one card in your deck that can get rid of it when protected with Freestyle Mastery MBS.

This deck is extremely risky now. The errata killed the deck; it will either win quickly or fall flat on its face. It is no where as fast as you say it is unless you get a broke hand, and those don't occur extremely often. There are just so many ways to easily counter this kind of deck now, and if you ran enough tech to get around it you would lose before it all showed up.

I would attempt to make one using Orange WGS if you want. Rapid Attack is nice and you can use it be partially anger and physical beatdown. Anyway, good luck. This is one of the decks of the past that was once good, but Score took the right heads up and shot it down.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan