From: Cldstf16

Hi how are you doing today. I saw that you help people with Deck tech and
that sort of thing so I was hoping you might be able to help me.

Next week I'm playing in my First Regionals event ever (I'm nervous and
excited all at once).

Now I have decided to play for Dragonball victory but I'm not sure on alot of

First I narrowed it down to using either Trunks with level 1 HT or Cell Saga
Goku. Both being 1-5.

I'm not sure whether to play Saiyan, Blue or Black...each has nice cards that
could help a Dragonball Deck well. (Black Searching Technique for HUH!,
Saiyan Power Block for Gohan's Kick and Blue Mastery CS for general Defense)

Then there's the set of Dragonballs best to run. What's your opinion on all
this and what type of cards should go into this deck. This is my first
dragonball deck for standard...all my other decks are tuff enough.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

~Saturn knight


Dang... this one got buried...

>From those choices I'd go with Trunks. With the current environment,
>Roshi is all the rage though.

Blue would probably be the best choice, but you can argue nicely for the others. Saiyan has neat cards like Truce Card, Power Block and Apprasial Maneuver, while Black has Thought Focus with the Mastery (CS), and stuff like Scout Maneuver and Searching Technique. Blue has the Mastery, so if anything goes wrong you still have a block. Then of course you can always go colorless and have all the great stuff.

I would use either Earth or Dende Balls. Namek is still great, but you have to work knowing that NDB4 can screw you over. Earth has amazing draw power, with DB4 being able to stall, and DB6/7 being another combat ender that can help a lot. Dende Balls have Goku's DB Quest that can get multiple DBs out in one combat. It all comes down to preference. Dende Balls mess up Roshi a bit since you lose your set deck due to the shuffle, and Earth Balls stall enough for Roshi to win in just a few short turns.

Good luck with whatever you persue. I see that Regionals is over for you... sorry about that. *bad Matthew, bad Matthew*

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan