Subject: Master Roshi... Personality of all trades

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From: Rice Jr
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2003 21:10:32 -0700 (PDT)

hey matthew, I've read the CRD and so much stuff have been changed. I was wondering what kind of decks master roshi would to play with?

Thanks for your time.

LOL, Roshi can like do anything. Seriously.

Master Roshi is so good... I don't think there is a major archtype he can't play, except anger of course.

Physical Beatdown - Don't let those power levels fool you; his base might be terrible, but with careful strategic use of his level 1 power, you can set up big modifiers in drills and things like that to make weak physicals hurt really bad.

Energy Beatdown - With the introduction of the Orange MBS Mastery, he can set up drills and easily dish out energy after energy with the help of Energy Empowerment Drill. Roshi's power allows him to get good hands and keep the drills in his deck for easy retrieval via the Mastery. More or less Roshi is one of the best in this archtype. Don't let that low PUR fool you.

Anger - Well, he doesn't have level 4 or 5, and his other levels bite really bad. Just stay on his level 1.

Dragon's Victory - Red or whatever, he can set this up nicely with his power. Even Red isn't bad with the auto anger gain, and he can have a backup anger win if the opponent is only playing 3 levels.

Ally - Of course he does this. With craft of his power, he can setup drainers when needed, blocks when needed, and allies away when not needed. Quick setup is one of Roshi's specialities.

Cosmic Backlash - Roshi doesn't have card advantage, but he does have the insane ability to get what he wants when he wants. Thus, setup Backlash via Krillin's Solar Flare, Red Shielded Strike, Piccolo's Fist Block/Confrontation/Trunks Energy Sphere, and Cosmic Backlash isn't rare.

Dragon Ball - The broke deck. He can stall really well, get rid of HUH??? with Android 20's Search Pattern, and get that drill/non-combat setup locked so well no one can get through it. Being able to Where There's Life There's Hope and then DB out is one of his annoying abilities. The ability to just end combat every time and pull those DBs out so fast is uncanny.

What can he not do? Dunno. Well, he doesn't play Freestyle very well with the lack of good named cards, but like that matters. He of course isn't Saiyan or Namekian. But who cares when he's this good?

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