Subject: Re: Prepare 2 get a very big Buu Buu!

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From: Patrick Barrera
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2003 14:47:48 -0700 (PDT)

Hey Matthew! I run a Majin Buu MBS Blue Physical Beatdown Deck. I have been playing since the release of WGS and I am the only one to play with a blue deck in my city. After Fusion, $10, one mother-load of tradable cards, and a good friend, I have become a formidable player in tourneys (though still considered a novice). The only way I can have true hope in my deck is for it to be checked and amplified by one of the best. Congrats on getting in the Top 8! P.S. What does Blue Backbreaker do and how can I get it? Go California!

Thanx a bunch ^_^,

Patrick Barrera

Main Personality (5):

Majin Buu 1-5 FuS

Sensei / Sensei Deck (4):

Blue Heat Seeking Blast

Blue Energy Dive

Blue Leapfrog Drill (FuS)


Blue Style Mastery (MBS)

Other Personalites (1):

Majin Buu?s Kamikaze Ghost

DBs (4):

Dende 3-5

Alt. Dende 7

Non-Combats (2):

It?s All About Time

Expectant Trunks

Drills (11)

Blue Stamina Drill

Blue Prepared Drill

Blue Mental Drill

Blue Reversal Drill

Intensity Drill

Concentration Drill

Hercule?s Assault Drill

Majin Power Drill

Majin Defense Drill

Vegeta?s Quickness Drill

Android 20 Absorbing Drill

Combat (4):

Majin Buu?s Invincibility

Goku?s Dragon Ball Quest



Physical Combat Attack (31):

Earth Dragon Ball Capture

Half Nelson (DBGT promo)

Super Buu?s Choke Hold (IR)

Blue Foot Smash

Blue Fist Smash

Blue Backhand

Blue Beatdown

Blue Head Charge

Blue Pivot Kick x3

Blue Stomach Smash x3

Blue Knockdown x3

Blue Betrayal x3

Blue Round Throw x3

Blue Right Cross x3

Blue Slam x3

Blue Lunge x2

Physical Combat Defense (15):

Vegeta?s Physical Stance

Tien?s Block

Blue Weaving

Blue Backflip (CS #65)

Blue Stopping Technique

Blue Leverage

Blue Reflexes (BS)

Blue Sidestep x2

Blue Wrist Block x3

Trunks Swiftly Moving x3

Energy Combat Attack (5):

Dimension Scream

Krillin?s Solar Flare

Blue Terror

Blue Energy Arrow x2

Energy Combat Defense (5):

Blue Energy Guard

Nappa?s Energy Aura

Goku Swiftly Moving

?Hold on! I?ll Save You!??Krillin

I like the title, lol. Something is wrong with this decklist... I mean you forgot to type your Sensei, and you say you have 5 energy blocks but I only see 3, lol.

First off, Blue Backbreaker reads:
Physical attack doing +5 power stages of damage. If you stopped an attack during your last "Defender Defends" phase, raise your anger 2 levels. It is obtained through being a Judge, as it is promo J2.

Ok, with this kind of deck, I would attempt to use the Defensive Majin Buu HT. This is because with this and Master Roshi Sensei, attacks will rarely hit you for much damage, and you can prevent most of it. With that in mind, you can easily wait and dish out some physicals to speed up the process.

In your Sensei deck, you need HUH??? and Black Scout Maneuvers. I guess you can run Blue Energy Dives, and there are many other useful cards like Blue Gut Impulsion that you can run. If you can't get Roshi Sensei, North Kai is a great second choice.

Your one ally is a Ghost... sure I guess. Maybe you can run 6 to annoy your opponent, lol. Not wise, but just a joke.

If I were you, I'd run all 7 DBs to try to win by DB. In Blue MBS, you can prevent so much damage so that it is extremely hard to capture a DB. Use whichever set you feel is best for you. If you want to use the Dende set, regeneration ones are a good idea.

I wouldn't run It's All About Time. Since I assume you don't have the staple URs, I would add in Frieza is Ready and Foreboding Evidence.

Your drills are a bit scattered and not focused. The Defense Shield Drills don't seem to mesh with the deck, and Hercule's Assault Drill doesn't seem necessary. Concentration Drill doesn't seem needed, and Intensity Drill... well, you are supposed to stay on your level 1 in Blue Buu.

Four Combats isn't enough. You need Android 18's Stare Downs, Android 17 Smirks, Battle Pausing, Power of the Dragon, Trunks Energy Sphere... the list goes on and on... Combats are the strongest cards in the game, use them.

Physical Combats... long way to go. You've got some bad choices like Slam, but some good ones like Round Throw. Still needs a bit of work here; look up some other ones. Eye Gouge is nice to avoid Confrontations. Try multiple copies of the good ones. Half Nelson is a nice choice, but remember Release destroys it, so you won't want Release. What about Blue Betrayal?

Ick... you've got bad physical blocks like Backflip. Arm Blast, Mastery, some omni blocks, a couple other blocks, and I think you should be fine. Don't run random ones that you only run one of, except limit 1 per deck ones, unless they are really necessary to run one of. Reflexes and Sidestep... nah.

Your energies... iffy. Terror is a duh card, Arrow I guess is ok. The one Solar Flare is random; maybe run Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast, or run more Solar Flares.

As for energy defense... a tiny bit more than that. Frieza's Force Bubble, Blue Stopping Technique (maybe), Goku's Energy Absorption... there are some nice ones out there. North Kai hurts.

You are missing most of the staples, and if you aren't playing prevention Buu, I don't know what this is supposed to be. It seems really unfocused if it isn't meant to prevent all on level one and deal steady damage. Winter Countryside and some Supreme Kai's Ki Push will help you stay on that level 1. I hope you'll be able to find your goal for this deck.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan