Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 22:33:38 EDT

Hello, I have a black Gohan deck, Now this is a Tuff Enuff deck. I focus on
the physical beatdown, and rely on my level one power, so it cripples my
opponent's with android 18's staredown. In case my opponent is a Majin i have heroic
Kamehameha to bump them down a level. IF their not a Majin i use it's empower
to make it an energy attack doing 8 life carda and a power stage. When I get
to level 3 im set, because all my attacks do +3 and i beat them down for
serious damage. Cards like black fist lock do +9 power stages. Any sudgestions to
help me out, are vastly appreciated. Now heres my favorite combo, im at level
2, with a black secret in my hand, and I use my power to get out Krillins heat
seeking blast, BAM theres 7 life cards and a power stage UNSTOPABLE. I love
that one.. Anyway heres my deck:

MP: Gohan level 1 (Buu) , Gohan the swift (Cell), Gohan mystic training
(Buu), Gohan Mystic (fusion preview) - all good, level 3 is iffy

Aura Clash - good, can do better
Black Scout Maneuver (x1) - good
Black Secret (x2) - bad
Black Transformation (x1) - bad

Confrontation (x2) - good

Pure Defense (x1) - good

Reserves (x2) - ok
Super Saiyan Effect (x1) - good

Dragonball - in TE? EDB7 is the best DB...
Dragon Ball 1 (x1) - ok
Earth Dragon Ball 2 (x1) - bad
Earth Dragon Ball 3 (x1) - ok
Type:Earth Dragon Ball 4 (x1) - bad

Earth Dragon Ball 5 (x1) - ok
Earth Dragon Ball 6 (x1) - ok

Drill - you are TE, remember that, don't run a lot of Drills since you level so fast Android 20 Absorbing Drill (x1) - good Black Double Attack Drill (x1) - bad Black Shifting Drill (x1) - bad

Black Smoothness Drill (x1) - bad

Black Weakness Drill (x1) - good
Trunks Guardian Drill (x1) - bad
Vegeta's Quickness Drill (x1) - good

Energy combat
Black Axe Heel Kick (x1) - bad
Black Front Kick (x2) - bad
Black Rear Spin Kick (x2) - bad
Black Turning Kick (x1) - good
Gohan's Energy Defense (x2) - bad
Goku Swiftly Moving (x1) - ok
Heroic Kamehameha (x3) - bad
Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast (x2) - good
Nappa's Energy Aura (x1) - good

Straining Focusing Move (x1) - ok


Black Style Mastery (x1) TS - good

Black Searching Technique (x3) - ok
Goku's Heart Disease (x1) - ok
Type: Personality
Saga: World Games 132 (Rare)

Grand Kai (level 1) (x1) - ok
Supreme Kai (level 1) (x1) - useless
Physical combat

Black Body Destruction (x1) - good
Black Choke Hold (x1) - good
Black Dodge (x1) - bad
Black Duck (x2) - good
Black Fist Lock (x3) - ok
Black Forearm Block (x3) - bad
Black Heroic Side Kick (x3) - bad, Sensei Deck please
Black Hug Maneuver (x3) - ok
Black Reversal Strike (x1) - good
Black Side Block (x2) - bad
Black Side Kick (x3) - ok
Black Side Thrust (x2) - good
Black Stomach Breaker (x1) - bad in this deck
Black Surprise Maneuver (x1) - bad
Gohan's Kick (x3) - good
Gohan's Strike (x3) - bad
Majin Buu's Stomach Throw (x1) - bad
Megaton Bull Crusher (x1) - dunno, depends on if you take my advice Nappa's Physical Resistance (x1) - good Power Smack (x1) - more Gohan named cards and anger boosting, can be good Tien's Block (x1) - ok Vegeta's Physical Stance (x1) - good

South Kai Sensei (x1) - bad, use North
Black Pivot Kick (x2) - good

You need 3 more cards

Now if you do review my deck, don't write a few paragraphs, im not looking
for anything fancy, just wondering if you had any sudgestions so I can make my
deck work to it's fullest extent. Thank you very much for your time.

>_< I can't look. It is too painful.

A quickie eh? Well... first off I would do the staple thing and run all of them. I have probably done a couple articles mentioning what they are by now. Run them all.

Black Secret is a terrible card. As is Heroic Kamehameha, at least in this deck.

Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast doing 7 and 1? And you call that good? Nope, it isn't. I call KHSB doing 4 and 50 good. 5 and 1 is good enough to steal a DB. And if you like it so much run 3.

You've got so many terrible cards in this deck I could spend an hour easily explaining why they are bad. So... I'll leave you with this piece of advice. Read a card. Think about what it does. And think; if I had multiples, would it help? Are there cards that are significantly better?

Would you run a Physical attack doing +2 power stages. Raise your anger 1. Or would you run a Physical attack doing +4 power stages. Raise your anger 2. Dumb question but think about that. Look at Black Side Block. Oh so terrible. Black Turning Kick does the same but can be an energy as well. Also try running some better energy blocks like Black Knife Hand Strike (dual ability rocks). Black Energy Web for some indirect energy stopping power.

Black Body Destruction is just plain broke. Run 3 whatever you do.

Your level 4 is the one that does +3 stages, not 3. With what I'm seeing, if you ever get to level 4... I highly doubt it. It is good, but not gamebreaking.

Supreme Kai as an ally... he does NOTHING... since you don't run Supreme Kai's Help...

Good luck. I hope that you will be able to see the light someday. You've got a long way to go my friend... You need to compare cards, ALL cards, of all sagas, and see and realize which ones are much better and more useful in the most situations.

Actually I changed my mind. I'm going to scroll up and put a good or bad or ok next to every card. That might help.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan