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Matthew Low on Score's Dragon Ball TCG
GenCon Indy 2005
August 25, 2005

Wow... what a weekend to recap. Where to start...

GenCon Indy 2005

Thursday I head off to the San Jose airport for my 12:30 PM flight to Phoenix, then Indy. Apparently I had a 2 hour 20 minute layover on my hands as well. That wasn’t the worst of my problems. While flying into Phoenix, the airplane hits turbulence and gives me such a bad headache I’m barely able to keep my eyes open once the plane stops. Solution is to sleep, but that’s not what you’re supposed to be doing at an airport… but I have to do it anyway. Luckily about an hour later it goes away, and then I find out while heading toward the restroom that my flight was delayed another 1 hour 10 minutes. Yay -_-. Call up Kyle to let him know that he won’t be able to get into the hotel room until about midnight in Indy. We end up leaving after 5:50 PM, a bit over the 3.5 hour layover. Get into Indy at around 11:00 PM and finally get to the hotel around midnight. Fun fun. What makes this even more interesting is instead of the people I was supposed to stay with, I get 5 different people that all showed up without a room to stay. Random. A few I never even knew before that day. And then there was one guy who still hasn’t paid for hotel and pulled infinite insults at me being a Christian... I still wonder how I put up with him. I’m going to have nightmares due to him undressing in front of us as well.

After a little testing, I wanted to sleep but jet lag + irregular sleep times won’t let me sleep. I keep trying but two guys sort of keep me up, but either way I couldn’t sleep even though I was tired. Probably due to the time and I slept on the flight/at the airport. End up falling asleep at 7 AM Indy time and have to get up at 7:30. Whee. Welcome to the day with major bad headache.

Friday we get up early and head down to pick up my badge and then my mock foil deck. Invite starts at 11. I meet this guy who is apparently obsessed with me and my LowAlly.dec, and tells me how he never thought he’d ever meet me. Like I’m some sort of amazing celebrity or something. LOL. Funny stuff. Con food is expensive. Enough said.

matthewlow’s GenCon Indy Dragon Ball Z Re-Z Invitational Tournament Report

I of course am running my Re-Z incarnation of LowAlly.dec… sorta. It’s Low Gohan Tien Yamcha Namekian that relies on using Gohan/Yamcha for 1:4 twice, Mastery for stage gain, Tien and Namekian cards for stage denial, and Masenko Blast to finish off opponents. I gave the decklist to Shaun Hindman, who in turn gave it to TJ Dennis and his friend Nathan to use day 2.

Note: First character is MP.

Round 1: Gohan Namekian vs. Krillin/Tien/Yamcha Black (Stephan Nichols)

Game 1: I start off quick with my allies powers and come out swinging fast. Each of us is able to get finishers off, but I’m able to do more consistent damage and win by 19.

Game 2: Very close game. I randomly take a Black Throw for 11 when he didn’t use his Mastery on it with a block in my hand. I somehow pull this one off with consistent damage, one life to zero.


Round 2: Gohan Namekian vs. Vegeta/Nappa/Raditz Saiyan (Geoff Brewster)

Game 1: If memory serves me right, the game stays close until he pops Happiness off that end of the game and we all know that usually means good game.

Game 2: I’m somewhat talented in topdecking so I get Masenko Blast turn 2 or something and he’s never able to recover after my constant damage.

Game 3: He doesn’t get a chance to abuse Happiness for very long, so Masenko with constant damage = win, but a very close one at that.


Round 3: Gohan Namekian vs. Goku/Vegeta Namekian (Richie Williams)

Game 1: Second turn Goku’s Kamehameha is sort of fair. I can catch up when I don’t throw Masenko. Yeah right.

Game 2: Very close game until the very end when he Kamehameha’s me to one life. Sadness.


Round 4: Gohan Namekian vs. Goku/Nappa/Vegeta Namekian (Jarrett McBride)

Game 1: Jarrett is able to Kamehameha me mid-game, but somehow I’m able to stage denial/ally beats him for the win. I don’t know how. Ends 3 life to 0.

Game 2: Ditto for game 1 except he pulls it out 7 life to 0.

Game 3: I lose track of this, but bottom line I get Masenko off for a change, which puts the game in my favor.


Round 5: Gohan Namekian vs. Krillin/Tien/Yamcha Orange (Aik Tongtharadol)

Aik = designer of the game for those that don’t know.

Game 1: Epic Battle of the Asians. I believe I Stance his Lookout, and he gets his setup, but I use Concentration and blow him away with Masenko and randomness.

Game 2: Similar to game 1 I think, except I use Masenko much later. Don’t remember 100%.


Top 8: Gohan Namekian vs. Saibaimen/Saibaimen/Vegeta (Sean Poestkoke)

Sean = Junior Designer/Playtester at Score.

Game 1: He goes off using both Saibaimen for 5 each turn. Right Jab in right situations proves to be powerful. I believe we both finisher each other, but with the right draws I barely edge him out 5 life to 0.

Game 2: Another close game. Don’t remember a lot except I think I denied more stages in the right times, and finished with a Masenko and some forcing him to draw out.

Top 4: Gohan Namekian vs. Tien/Yamcha/Chiaotzu Colorless (Phil McGrath)

Game 1: I utterly ruin him. I come out swinging early, and later finish him off with a Masenko. He’s not able to do much of anything as I destroy his setup early.

Game 2: Dinner turn 1 is fair. Infinite setup and Namekian Concentration with Lookout and it was only a matter of time before he Tri-Beamed me.

Game 3: Similar to game 1, except I believe it was even worse. Funny thing is I was used Dragon Ball Radar for Ball 4 to find it wasn’t in my deck. He had it in his, and Phil decided to DQ himself. ROFL.

Finals: Gohan Namekian vs. Gohan/Tien/Yamcha Namekian (Shaun Hindman)

Mirror Match it up. Shaun and I were playing near the same deck as we made them together. Sorta. Not really.

Game 1: I draw Masenko turn 1 but I’m an idiot and don’t use it. As all mirror matches, whoever draws better or makes less mistakes wins. I drew better but made more mistakes aka not using Masenko.

Game 2: Neither of us draw Masenko so it’s all up to who does more normal damage. I believe I ball 4 early game to get the lead.

Game 3: Double Ball 4 makes the game weird. He gets off Masenko and I don’t. Ends up being the difference.

2nd place finish

I get a foil copy of my deck for making finals to use day 2. Finally get back and fall asleep after Jarrett gets lost for 1.5 hours finding the hotel. Going to sell it soon, probably after Shaun’s deck sells. No use in flooding the market.

Wake up the next morning and head over to GenCon with plenty of time to spare for breakfast; overpriced con food.

matthewlow’s GenCon Indy Dragon Ball Z Re-Z Premier Report

Round 1: Gohan Namekian vs. Tien/Chiaotzu/Vegeta Saiyan (Rami)

Game is sane until he double Tri-Beams me. I can win this.


Round 2: Gohan Namekian vs. Vegeta/Nappa/Raditz Saiyan (Dave Fashbinder)

What’s with playing people that were in the invite now???

Very close game. I believe I kill off most of his Happiness early game, and then toss Masenko late game. He does manage to get consistent damage in, making it go down to the wire. Paid Off makes the game really interesting. A last ditch effort with Nappa getting 3 stages from Ki Flare backfires when I refocus with Elbow and counter with Tien. His hand is drained so he sadly scoops.


Round 3: Gohan Namekian vs. Tien/Chiaotzu/Yamcha Blue (Richie Williams)

I play this guy every tournament it seems, and only have beaten him once.

Game goes back and forward until I manage to Masenko and then he refocuses with Earth Pound. He does manage to get some beats in and I’m about to lose, but I somehow pull it off with I believe Masenko, even after he refocuses with Blue Knee.


Round 4: Gohan Namekian vs. Goku/Nappa/Vegeta Namekian (Jarrett McBride)

Again eh? Close game until I Masenko him. Then he gets uber broke comeback and hits me with Kamehameha. I have no choice but to refocus with Gohan to allow me to live with one life. I must win this turn. How? Mastery first. Jarrett knows he needs to just one a life. He has a physical in Goku and energy in his hand and thinks I can’t block… but luckily I could stop either. Turn around and Force Push Tien to full (believe it or not), Ball 2 to get stages with Gohan, Pound away with Gohan and Tien to finish him off.


Round 5: Gohan Namekian vs. Goku/Nappa/Vegeta Namekian (Justin McBride)

The twin, lol. Twin decks too. I get Ball 4 early, giving me a major advantage. Coupled with Masenko, I pull off a win 16 life to 0.


Round 6: Gohan Namekian vs. Vegeta/Nappa/Gohan Saiyan (Didier)

Finally someone I don’t know since round 1. No Happiness abuse is happy for me since I Face Blast it away. I manage to give him problems with Right Jab. He does interesting things like pretend Nappa is his MP. Unfortunately for him I still Masenko for game.


Top 16: Gohan Namekian vs. Vegeta/Nappa/Gohan Saiyan (Didier)

Welcome to a rematch. This time he gets Happiness out and it stays. I can’t draw for my life to kill it. Then the turn before the one I’d win with Masenko he drops another Happiness and goes infinite. I randomly don’t Evasion his Personal Ki Ball which would have saved me to live another turn, but instead keep stages to pull off Masenko faster next turn. Bad move. Note: He doesn’t run Gallic Gun, interesting.

Top 16 finish

Overall: GenCon Indy - SUCCESS!



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