Subject: Masteries and Trunks

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From: Musashisword87
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 16:47:48 EST

thanks for the advice. i will try to make the changes you suggested. also, i have found a store with some very decently priced gt cards. i'll check that out. oh, i do have a mastery, but it is namekian TS and i dont have many namek style cards. i have been trying to get a saiyan style mastery from a friend, but so far it's a no. i just want to ask two questions. 1) what is the best trunks set to get? and 2) is the gt saiyan supreme mastery worth all the hype it gets? thats all. again thanks for the help and i'll read you later,

The Namekian TS Mastery is quite good, and was one of the pinnacles of Namekian's reign though last year's Worlds. Thing is, Namekian has lost so much steam as of late that it isn't really top tier, just a regular archtype. The errata of Piccolo the Trained did it right there.

Getting Masteries is the easy part because they're just rares and you only need 1; perfecting your deck with the multiple copies of extremely hard cards to find like Goku's Blinding Strike and You're Invited is the hard part. You should be able to pick up nearly any Mastery in nonfoil for just a couple dollars because they're just rares. Find someone who buys a bunch of boxes at a time and he should easily have a couple lying around.

Saiyan Supreme Mastery is quite good in Expanded with the new Brolys (try Electrified KBS 2, and 3-5 GT). Being able to regen and ascend levels in one turn and just completely anihillate your opponent with his broken card powers is uncanny. Supreme Mastery also allows characters like Gohan the Swift and Cell Stage Two to start off in brokenness (which might be on the errata later today). It just opens up a lot of different archtypes like level 2 ally decks.

If you want to play as Trunks, I would try this:
Trunks DB - Trunks HT 1 FS Redemption, Trunks the Scientific Level 2 GT, Trunks Super Saiyan Level 3 GT, Trunks the Hero Level 4 TS or Trunks the Powerful Level 4 CS, Trunks the Battler Level 5 CGS

Trunks Sword - Trunks the Weaponmaster Level 1 KBS (Bojack), Trunks the Quick Level 2 CS, Trunks Level 3 HT GT or Trunks the Mighty Level 3 CS, Trunks the Powerful Level 4 CS, Trunks the Battler Level 5 CGS

That's just my opinion, and of course there are a ton of other ways you can go.

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