Subject: Re: Please help with my red Chi-Chi deck

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From: LilAce2005
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2003 16:16:53 EDT

Hello Matthew. I just put this deck together before a tournament and it
really did well. I'd like to know what you think of it and if you have any
suggestions/ ideas about it. The basis is to just level up then get out the modifiers
and use physical after physical.
Thanks for your time,

Red CS Mastery
Chi-Chi level 1 Promo version
Chi-Chi- Level 2
Chi-Chi the wife

North Kai Sensei:
1x HUH???
3x Red Sniping Shot
3x Breakthrough Drill

1x Time is a warriors Tool
1x Super Saiyan Effect
3x Trunks Energy Sphere
3x Red Double Strike
3x Confrontation

Alt. Dende DragonBall 2

Non Combats:
1x Awful Abrasions
1x Expectant Trunks

1x Determination Drill
1x Red Striking Drill
1x Victorious Drill

Physical Attacks:
3x Red Shattering Leap
3x Red Power Strike
3x Red Power Rush
3x Red Palm Heel Strike
3x Red Whiplash
3x Majin Buu's Bycicle Kick
3x Gohan's Kick
3x Majin Vegeta's Frantic Attack

Physical Blocks:
1x Red Physical Fortification
1x Nappa's Physical Resistance
1x Vegeta's Physical Stance
3x Red Fist Catch
3x Red Passive Block
3x Red Offensive Stance
3x Red ForeArm Block
3x Trunks Swiftly Moving

Energy Attacks:
3x Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast
3x Red Energy Blast

Energy Stops:
1x Red Rapid Deflection
1x Nappa's Energy Aura
3x Red Energy Shield
3x Red Slide
3x Red Energy Defensive Stance
3x Goku Swiftly Moving

Any Suggestions are greatly appreciated. If You're wondering where my
non-combat hate is just remember Chi-Chi's level 3 power.

Strange. Very strange.

I use Red Chi-Chi, but the point of Red Chi-Chi is to stay on level 1, not jump levels. Her level 3 is yes deadly, but her level 2 just stinks and her level 1 is really good for beatdown. This... is strange.

... you didn't fill your Sensei Deck... try adding Black Scout Maneuvers and even random stuff like Breakthrough Drill and Hero's Heart is Strong... ANYTHING... at least fill the thing...

Run South Kai to pull Goten on turn 1. Two focused physicals doing 6 stages = fun. Trust me. That's the point of my deck.

Combat - I see you are missing Power of the Dragon, and I think you are missing some stuff like Motherly Rage x3 (you need this, going to level 3 should not be something you actually try to do with all your might, seeing it will help you against a select few decks). Rage allows you to discard cards like Goku's Heart Disease that ruin your day. I would also run a few ally searchers because Goten is quite important.

With your lack of non-combats, I don't see why you don't run Alt DDB 4.

Your non-combats are a bit strange. I run Evil Presence Drill, the staple UR non-combats, Underdog Drill, and strangely enough Time Chamber Training. I would cut Determination Drill, and if you actually attempt to level in this deck, you don't need drills outside of Victorious Drill.

Many of your physical attack choices are really poor. Red Palm Heel Strike and Red Power Strike are really weak. Gohan's Power Hit and Underdog Drop Kick would be better choices. I personally run Android 18's Pressure Routine. I think it is strange you run anger, but if it works, all the power to that.

You have way too many physical blocks. I would cut the Offensive Stances for Pikkon's Leg Catch. You should be able to survive on about 6 less energy and physical blocks with a couple omni-blocks like Underdog Drop Kick. Against decks like DB, those blocks won't help you much.

I would not run Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast as there is no real reason to run it. You might want to consider Red Vigor Orb. I noticed you have a big lack in anger hate, so Red Mouth Cannon might help.

You also don't run allies, and I would. This is because Chi-Chi is very weak, and you might need them in a pinch. Not to mention ones like Goten, Goku, and Grand Kai can help a lot.

And you also have no Location/Battleground. That's not good. I would run 2-4, and good choices would be Cell's Arena, City in Turmoil, and Winter Countryside.

Your energy blocks... well, personally I run Goku's Running Defense, Frieza's Force Bubble, Red Back Kick, and a couple of the ones you do and I'm set. Your biggest weakness is the fact you run too many blocks.

Good luck. You've got something interesting going on with trying to get to level 3. That seems odd to me seeing that level is more of an anti-Freestyle, DB, and Orange, and your level 1 is more of a pro-physical beatdown, which is the point of the deck. Personally I'd run a backup way to get there against heavy non-combat decks or 1-3 decks to win by anger, but focus mainly on staying on level 1 and dishing out the damage.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan