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Matthew Low on Score's Dragon Ball TCG
Trunks Saga Starter Decks

 ---------- Original Message ---------
From: alicehodge
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005

Hi I have e-mailed several people trying to find the answer to this maybe you can help. My son has a Trunks saga Hero starter deck (preconstructed) and a Trunks saga villain starter deck (preconstructed) okay he put both decks together and now we cant figure out which cards go where do you by chance know which cards are in these decks any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks Ali


Never thought I'd ever get a question like this on Pojo... this is definitely new. Closest was "Give me a list of what's in Trunks Reforced" and I actually have that list.

First off, I'm sorry, I don't have a list of what's in which Trunks Saga starter deck. Personally I bought I believe 3 hero ones and no villain ones (WAY back in the day... I'm 19 now and I think I was 15 then), and traded for all the other characters. I believe all 10 characters are still sitting my Trunks Saga section of my three ring binder right now. That's besides the point; just even if I could record what was in each starter, I wouldn't be able to.

Anyway, the information you should know is... it really doesn't matter what goes into which. Well, for the most part. In a sense, I think it is a good thing that you've mixed it up. Your son now can dive in to the REAL great stuff of the card game. Card games are made to develop the mind and get you to think about making real decks, ones that actually do something. Precon decks in Z are all horrible, and just give you a base to work off of. Some great cards in them, yes. For the most part, no.

I would like to extend a challenge to go and make real decks. As in, grab a plethora of cards from various sets and just start building. Sure, it will take a lot of time for your son to get to the competitive level, if he's only been exposed to the small selection you're telling me about. Probably a couple months or so, after doing some extensive research. But that's the joy of card game... being able to make decks that you can call your OWN, win with them, dominate with them, and ride them, to the glory of winning premier events. Still have never done that personally, but working at it, each time I fly out to one.

DBZ cards have all gone down in cost. You can buy boxes for like $15 now, which is crazy seeing I bought mine for $75 back in the day, and that was a good price (normally around $115). But one thing you might consider is waiting for the rerelease of the Dragon Ball Z TCG, which will release July 15. Keep your eyes peeled for information on Score's sites, as well as various magazines, like the one I write for, Scrye. From what I hear, it sounds awesome.

Anyway, think of it this way. It doesn't matter what goes in each starter. Try this: build one legal deck with what you have. Sure it will be a piece of junk, but that's all you have. Make sure you don't go over the "limit 1 per deck" and "limit 3 per deck" requirements. Don't add stuff that requires you to declare a Tokui-Waza if you don't have one. If you own a Mastery, all the power to you, though you probably won't have enough cards. Take out anything that is meant for a different character. Mess around with it. And maybe pick up a box of cards off the internet for a really cheap price, and you'll easily triple the amount of cards you have now. Have fun with it. Cards are MEANT to be mixed. That's the whole point of them. Being able to make your own deck, just like I have, LowAlly.dec.

I bid you and your son good luck, and maybe somewhere down the line I'll see you both at a big Re-Z tournament in the future. I'm at a good amount of them; just ask around for Matthew Low, and most Score people will be able to point you in the right direction.

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