From: "Lonnie Isham"
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 21:26:40 -0400

I just read your Q&A section of pojo's DBZ website today and I thought that maybe you could help me with something.  I am 20 and I have been playing this card game for awhile,  I am not too sure what the age range for this game were made for but I have fun with it.  I would like to enter some tournaments and see how I could do.  My question is:  In the tournaments are the many people around the age of 20 or so who play this game?  I think it's a fun game in all but I am really just trying to figure out if it's worth my time.  Thank you for your time.


Where I live I'm generally the oldest person (I'm 18). Everyone else, for the most part, are around 3 years younger. At the big premier events, like Regionals, you'll see mostly people that are 14-18. That's for the most part. The little kids, or really young ones, are generally aren't as talented as their older counterparts, and usually buy cards because they think Vegeta is cool or something. Their decks... well, I could probably beat them with a brand new starter deck, no offense. Note this doesn't go for everyone; one person I know very well on the net who is 11 is, for some reason, extremely good... Those little kids are usually not at the big events. They don't fly around the world to go to the big stuff; they play at school and store tourneys.

You'll see the best of the best around a median age of 16 or 17. This game is very expensive with the Ultra Rare and Uber Rare category, and if you want to go pro, you need either cash or the ability to trade really well to get the best stuff. You will see many people at premier tourneys in their 20s playing this game, but no where as many as 16/17. College and regular life takes away from both playing time and costs to play the game, along with the people who insist it is a child's game.

But if anything, when I turn 20, I can still see myself in this game. If it sticks around, I plan to. I personally don't care that age seems a bit strange. Don't let age keep you back; play if you want to play. It has all been worth it in my opinion, even though I do have to babysit immature little kids all the time. Have fun; that's what the game is all about.

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