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From: "Matt Mullins"

Date:  Fri, 13 Aug 2004 10:47:02 +1000


Hi Matt,


This is my new deck after my horrible old one. It still isn't the best so I need your expert advice on it to help make it better.


// MP: 5


Goku, Energized HT with Goku's Energy Spray as backer Goku, Super Saiyan 3 Goku, Golden Oozaru Goku, Super Saiyan 4


>> I personally don’t like the Level 3 Goku. Not good enough for my

>> tastes. <<


// Mastery: 1

Saiyan Supreme Mastery


// Dragonball: 4

Black Star Dragonball 2

Black Star Dragonball 3

Black Star Dragonball 5

Black Star Dragonball 6


>> Uh… why aren’t you running the full set? I’m sure you own a Black

>> Star DB 1…

In focused you always run a full set (unless Red Rush) because of the broken powers and backup win. Helps in timed games too. You also run Smoke Dragon just in case your opponent is winning. <<


// Allies 5


Pan (Super 17)

Vegeta (Super 17)

Android 18 (Super 17)

Dende, Guardian


>> The Pan is interesting. I’d run the Baby Saga one but that’s just me. I’d run Sugoro because he can help manip discard piles, and his level 2 can fetch a nice non-combat like Dragon Radar. But you need to run Chi-Chi because an auto block is good.

That A18 is the level 2 correct?



// Setups: 3

3 Saiyan Energy Rush


>> If this is seriously your Setup section then maybe not Sugoro. But I think you need more in this area. At least run Dragon Radar to pull DB 5 when needed. Smoke Dragon because you need to beat DB. DB looks to walk all over you, and it shouldn’t.

Energy Rush doesn’t impress me either.

Final Breath is a possibility but by all means not a necessity.



// Drill: 1

1 Vegeta's Quickness Drill


// Event 14

3 Champions of Earth

3 Saiyan Agile Swerve

3 Pure Annihilation

3 Aerial Elusion

1 Epic Battle of the Saiyans

1 Saiyan Excitement


>> Why not 3 Saiyan Excitement?

Could run Saiyan Firm Stance.

Remembering the Good Times is an option. <<


// Physical: 22

3 Hercule's Cresent Punch

3 Saiyan Fly Swat – Doesn’t impress me.

3 Saiyan Power Punch

3 Saiyan Vegeta's Combination Jab

3 Saiyan Stomp – Weak card with no bonus effects…


3 Saiyan Sole Stop

3 Saiyan Flawless Snatch

1 Masterful Defense


>> I was thinking Saiyan Destiny. That’s the problem with Saiyan right

>> now… there aren’t a lot of attacks to choose from. <<


// Energy: 13

3 Saiyan Charged Kamehameha

3 Saiyan Running Burst


3 Saiyan Soaring Swerve

3 Saiyan Planet Explosion

1 General Rildo's Force Field


>> Big ally energy attacks eh? Soaring Swerve doesn’t impress me. <<


Any help will be appreciated.


>> Your problem stems from the lack of good options for attacks. Most of Saiyan’s good ones have if successful effects that have unrealistic requirements. That’s the problem. Not that your deck is terrible, but your options to make it good aren’t.


Try whatever you can. There are some Saiyan cards out there that are decent; Handstand Kick comes to mind. Never know what you can find. Personally I’d just wait a week and add all the new Saiyan cards from Shadow Dragon as there should be a good selection in the new set. <<



Matt Mullins

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