From: Matthew Low
Subject: Re: a question, the fate of my deck is in your hands!!

Buu is extrememly unique, and the insert in Buu booster packs explains this.

Buu's HT has two powers. The Constant Combat Power, if any, is always around. The regular "Power" is used during your "Attacker Attacks" phase, except for the one that blocks an attack of course.

You may use 1, none, or both powers during every combat. It is up to you.

Keep in mind that if you run into Piccolo the Trained, you cannot use either power.

So for example, the Buu HT you have:

All Buu's Physicals do +1 life no matter what.
You may use Buu's Power of Physical attack doing +3 power stages of damage and raising your anger 1 as an attack. Keep in mind this attack will also do the +1 life from your other power.

Hope this makes sense.

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Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2003 18:33:15 EDT

>Hello, I have a question, and I figured you were the person to ask (I
>this topic would be your forte) majin Buu has 2 separate gatefold high tech's
>(im sure you know) and both have a constant and a regular power for both level
>1 and level 2 I was wondering, does Buu get to use both powers? Or does he
>have to choose one before the game starts for instance one reads "physical
>attack doing +3 power stages of damage raise your anger one", and then there's
>"constant combat power: all your attacks do +1 life card of damage" the other gate
>fold as different powers but that's irrelevant, the question is do i have to
>choose which power I'll use or are they both to be used at my whim? Any info
>on this problem is greatly appreciated.