Subject: Re: Newbie to DBZ CCG....I need help

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From: RobHimself11487
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 18:39:03 EDT

Hello there oh wise master of the DBZ CCG. I'm new to this, and I just have a
few questions. I'm planning to run either a Gohan Freestyle deck to were I
can jump to his final level quickly.....or a Majin Vegeta saiyan beatdown deck.
I've got both personalities' levels 1-5, but I'm just wondering wich would
work best and what kind of staples I need for the deck. The other question I have
is if u know of any web sites besides that sell single dbz
cards. there aren't many places that have single cards of dbz where I live and
I only know the one website that sells them....unfortunately the sites rarely
has the cards I'm looking for in stock. Thanks a bunch!


P.S., You mentioned in an earlier topic off of pojo that there were these two
Vegeta named cards that help him regenerate at an amazing rate. Vegeta's
Energy Thrust and Vegeta's Energy Detonation is what I think they're
called....anyways where would I be able to get these cards? Just incase I run a Vegeta
(non-majin) deck.

Me? Wise master? lol...

Usually what I do is trade for my stuff on a website called Fanatics ( I'm known as matthewlow on that site. If you want to buy specific cards, there are tons of people there, like myself, who can give really reasonable prices, much better than random sites (trust me, some sites sell cards for 4x what they are really worth). And to make sure you get you cards, use a middleman to be ripper proof.

As for staples... bleh, I really need to send that article to Pojo. There's a list I have for all the staples in the game. To start you off, make sure you have 3 Confrontation/Android 18's Stare Down, Time is A Warriors Tool, 3 Trunks Energy Sphere, 1 Nappa's Energy Aura, and 2 Black Scout Maneuver. There are many more...

Both ideas for decks are a bit strange, seeing Gohan Freestyle usually stick around level 1 and 2, and MV Saiyan thrives on the level 1 WGS, but then again MV Saiyan is a poor archtype. Gohan Freestyle is better with the ability to have card advantage with his power (use power on Mastery) and get cards like Kick and Power Hit when necessary.

Yes, those cards are the correct choices for massive Vegeta regeneration. And of course you can run them in any deck... you don't even have to be Vegeta. Vegeta's Energy Thrust was in a back redemption that is no longer around; good luck finding it. You might be able to find some on some trading sites or Ebay, seeing that they are quite hard to come by. Vegeta's Energy Detonation is in the Broly Subset in Buu Saga.

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