Subject: Re: Black Anti deck with heavy damage

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From: "lizz flynn"
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 17:15:28 -0700

Main Personality
Cell (HT)
Cell (non HT)

Black (TS)

North Kai
3xBlack Pivot Kick
3xBlack Front Punch
2xHero's Heart Is Strong
2xBlack Scout Menuever
2xBlack Energy Swirl

3xBlack Searching Technique
1xBlack Erasing Drill
1xVageta's Quickness Drill
1xGohan Spot's The Imposter Drill
1xBlack Mischevious Drill
1xBlack Smoothness Drill
1xBlack Erasing Drill
1xExpectant Trunk's
1xPiccolo And Heroes Gather
1xForebodeing Evidence
1xAlt. DDB 2
1xAlt. DDB 3
1xDDB 5
1xAlt. DDB 7

3xTrunk's Energy Sphere
3xA-!8 Stare Down
2xCell's Instant Transmission
2xCell's Style
1xCell's Defense
1xCell's Threatening Position
1xBattle Pausing
1xSuper Saiyan Effect
1xA-17 Smirk's
1xGoku's Dragonball Quest

Physical Attacks & Blocks
3xBlack Body Destruction
3xMajin Buu's Heel Kick
3xPikkon's Leg Catch
3xBlack Duck
3xEarth Dragon Ball Capture
2xMajin Buu's Childish Taunt
1xGoku's Battle Ready
1xGoku's Dashing Punch

Energy Attack's & Block's
3xPiccolo's Power Ball
3xVageta's Energy Focus
3xGoku's Swiftly Moving
3xBlack Recovery
2xPiccolo's Power Blast
2xBlack Dark Energy
1xGoku's Energy Absorption

1xDying Planet
1xWinter Countryside
1xCity In Turmoil
1xWorld Tournament

Every card you see in this deck can counter almost any deck. I was thinking of adding in 2 copies of A-20's Search Pattern but I think those are for Drill/Allias deck, what do you think. If you could guess what do you think are the new dominent decktype's in the upcoming season of regionals, Please tell me. Thank You

A20's Search Pattern is used in DB and anger decks mainly to get rid of HUH and CTP likewise.

Right now I honestly don't know the real dominant deck. Goku Freestyle, Buu Freestyle, and anything SWK is good. Broly/Goku Saiyan anger is good. Red Buu Unlocked potential anger is good. There are a lot of good decks. Namekian Cell/Piccolo 1 HT is good. And the Regional Season won't come out until we see Kid Buu anyway.

Next time tell me what levels of Cell you are running because I'm not sure what you are running... Cell HT 1 Cell Stage Two Level 2 Cell Perfect Level 3 Cell the Destroyer level 4 Cell the Master level 5 Right?

Nice Sensei Deck. Dunno if it really can get much better.

You have a really decent choice of non-combats. I would consider adding Fatherly Advice if you can get it. Overall very solid; you might want to consider a few of the other DDBs if you need tech in those areas. Also, Black Weakness Drill is a nice Drill if you ask me.

Looks like you are only missing Power of the Dragon... other than that you look fine. You might want to drop GDBQ seeing you don't run all 7 DDBs.

Battle Ready looks to be the only weak link, but if you need the anti-anger, it stays in. You might want to consider Black Face Slap or even a few of the Black Omni-blocks.

Drop Piccolo's Power Blast. I would consider Black Turning Kick, and maybe even some Knife Hand Strikes.

Nice random selection of Locations/Battlegrounds. If they work for you with Instant Transmission, go for it. Kinda think it can make your deck unstable if you lose the one you need, but if you can get it to work, go for it.

Overall it is pretty good. I would consider running an ally or so just in case. Cell Jrs/Android 14 look like appealing choices. Other than that, very nicely built.

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