Subject: Re: Gohan MBS saiyan style from a newbie

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From: Jpcp27
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 22:44:00 EDT

Hi my name is Dana and I've bee playing for about a month I understand the
game and everything and I'm having a hard time making a deck with multiple sets
because i can't find any place that sells sets that came before the World
Games saga and barely anyone I know have any of these sets.
This is my deck that I've come up with so far. it's probably not that
good but I just want to be able to play casually with it and have it do good.
So here it is:

Main Personality:
Gohan, the Champion lv1(cs)
Gohan, the Swift lv2(cs)
Gohan, Super Saiyan hi-tech lv3(cs)
Gohan, Ascendant lv4(cs)
Gohan, the Winner lv5(cs)

Mastery: MBS Saiyan

Combat: 2
1x Vegeta's Surprise Defense
1x Narrow Escape

Allies: 2
Chi-Chi lv1 SS
Broly lv1

Non Combat: 3
2x Hercule's Assault Drill
1x Burning Rage

Dragon Balls: 2
Alt. Dende 1
Alt. Dende 2

Physical Attacks:29
3x Saiyan Direct Strike - Decent.
3x Saiyan Snap Kick - never liked this
3x Saiyan Hurricane Kick - depends, Destiny is better
3x Saiyan Spindletop Punch - Doesn't impress me
2x Saiyan Gut Kick - Generally decent using Earth DBs with mad drawing power. 2x Saiyan Prepared Smash - nah 2x Vegeta's Blurred Kick - nah 2x Vegito's Drop Kick - doesn't excite me 2x Vegito's Uppercut - this doesn't either 2x Saiyan Chin Kick - decent for anger 1x Saiyan Cliff Slam - not bad, if you have a high PL 1x Saiyan Neck Breaker - decent 1x Saiyan Strike - terrible 1x Vegeta's Energy Blast - O_O wha... The bad SS card??? 1x Gotenks' Flight - no... just no...

Physical Defenses:11
3x Saiyan Duck - no
3x Saiyan Power Block - ooo, good
2x Android 18's Iron Defense - Nah
1x Saiyan Counter Strike - Worst card in the game. One of them. 1x Gohan's Forearm Block - I dunno... maybe 1x Vegito's Leg Catch - Try Pikkon's Leg Catch

Energy Attacks:24 - Never mind, just don't run any of these except maybe Saiyan Energy Bomb and Might. I would run Power Beam, Ki Ball, and Strength Blast and then 3x Saiyan Power - What... 2x Saiyan Aura Blast - what... 2x Saiyan Might - for anger only 2x Saiyan Two Gun Woo - what... 2x Saiyan Explosion 2x Saiyan Energy Bomb 2x Goku's Escape 2x Vegito's Charged Blast 2x Tien's Surprise Technique - Only useful with Tien 1x Saiyan Energy Orb 1x Saiyan Energy Rupture 1x Saiyan Mental Energy Attack 1x Saiyan Energy Throw

Energy Defenses:11 - Try out Saiyan Planet Explosion
3x Saiyan Energy Deflection
3xSaiyan Hand Swipe
3x Saiyan Neutralization
1x Saiyan Elusion1x Saiyan Defensive Stance

Thanks For All Your Help.
this deck by no means is supposed to be for regional competition or anything
of that sort. I just want it to be able to beat a few of my friends and make
it the best it can be out of the sets available to me(WGS,BS,MBS,FuS)

Please Write me with your advice at

I dunno, Gohan and Saiyan never really meshed in my mind. I'll try to do what I can.

I'm not very good at teching these kind of decks using specific sagas. And thus... I'll do my best. Sorry if I'm not of much help.

First off I would go with a different level 1. Maybe MBS or IR. The Champion doesn't seem to be that great.

You do know that Broly is a villian... and he can't be an ally for Gohan.

Your Combats are way off. You need all your staples (ie Time, TES, Confrontation, SSE, POTD, BP, etc) and Saiyan Truce Card. Your two choices are bad ones.

Drop all the nons and try out Expectant Trunks. That's all I will leave you with.

You'd probably work well with Alt DDB2 and 4.

I will make comments next to your attacks/blocks above.

I dunno... hard to tech this. Sorry. That's the best I can do without working more than an hour on it.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan