Subject: Re: Namekian Nail Energy Defensive

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From: "Ryan" <
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 14:45:51 -0500

Hello i was wondering if u could help my nail namekian enegy defensive deck up.

Nail the Namekian

Nail Inspired

Nail The Namekian Hero

North kai Sensei

Namekian Style Mastery(Trunks Saga)

Sensei deck

Losing battlex3

Namekian knee strikex2

Herioc Shoulder Slamx3


Namekian Focusing Effortx3

Android 20 Absorbing Drillx2

Goku's Defensive Drillx2

Nail Combat Drill

Physical Combats

Namekian Elbow Smashx3

Namekian Dashx3

Namekian Shuto

Physical Defense

Pikkon Leg Catchx2

Namekian Halting Stancex3

Vegetas Phyiscal Stance

Namekian Ducking Techniquex3

Piccolos Phyiscal Defensex3

Tien's Blockx2

Nappas Phyiscal Resistance

Energy Combats

Piccolos Power Ballx2

Namekian Quick Blastx3

Gohan's Left Energy Releasex3

Vegitos Charged Blastx3

Super Arm Cannon Of Super Stuff

Energy Defense

Goku's Swiftly Movingx3

Namekian Defensive Stancex3

Nappa's Energy Aura

Freiza's Force Bubble

Goku's Energy Absorption

Namekian Energy Catchx3

Namekian Energy Deflectionx2





Dream Fightingx3

Namekian Energy Focus

Namekian Regenerationx3


World Tournamentx2

Fine I'll tech your deck, geez, I have a life too. Enough bugging me on AIM, you've given me what, a couple hours to do it, and I was like at work during that time... remember I am doing this at no cost to you, so you better appreciate this. :/

Oh boy. Nail Defensive/Energy...
You've got a couple things going right, but a lot of things going wrong. Namekian is strong, but without the main cards like Namekian's Strike this won't go far. There are a lot of cards lately that destroy Namekian, and one like this without the great cards is doomed if it runs into a lot of the right tech.

First off, you are a hero, and that cuts down on cards like Vegeta's Jolting Slash and Android 14, which Namekian needs. Nail is ok; the new PAT helps him a bit, and the auto energy for 5 or 3 is nice, but his problem is the fact his other levels fail him. Neither level is that great, and even his level 1 is overshadowed. With Saiyan 1-3 Goku still around he's a bit of a risk. Once leveled he will have a minor problem surviving.

Nail isn't a regen character; that's Slug's job. Cards like Namekian Regeneration are misleading. It isn't a good card at all. You are better off running Dragon Blast with Namekian DBs and Make A Wish.

The problem with this deck is it is very unfocused. You've got a nice card in Piccolo's Power Ball that needs to be upped to 3. But you've got a mix of bad cards and good ones of different ideas. That and way too many physical blocks (bad ones like Piccolo's Physical Defense too) in an energy environment.

Your Sensei deck needs work as well. There are some extremely good cards that you could run like A Hero's Heart is Strong (in many situations like Krillin), Black Scout Maneuver, Breakthrough Drill, etc.

You've just got cards like Namekian Defensive Stance that are just plain bad. I mean, even making your deck full of endurance like with Namekian Finger Blast would be an upgrade.

You've got a long way to go. I mean, compare Pikkon's Leg Catch and Goku's Quick Dodge with Piccolo's Physical Defense and you know you have a long way to go.

Good luck...

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan