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I couple of questions, then hopefully i can stop bothering you.  On

"Dazed" from the fusion saga, it says that the opponent must pass his

next two attacker attacks phases.  Does that basically mean he only

passes one turn because one turn is spent using the card.  Like, i play

the card.  He passes his next attack because of the card, then i play a

card, and he passes again.  Then I play another card, and then he

attacks.  Or, does a combat not count as a turn, and can i use it before

i start a battle.  So what would make "Dazed" any different from "Time is

a Warrior's Tool", except that "Dazed" is a rare, and only affects for

two turns, and "Time is a Warrior's Tool" is a common, and lasts the

entire time.  Is there a difference?  One more question.  A have seen

lots of deck suggestions suggest "Champion Drill".  Can you get those by

not having to get it on ebay?  I thought they were givin to the world

champion, and then a few got into the Android Saga.  Can you still pull

them in packs?


Thanks a lot for your time.



Dazed works by forcing your opponent to pass in their next two steps. Thus, you use Dazed in place of an attack, your opponent passes, you use an attack, your opponent passes, and you either pass (to end combat) or do another attack. Usually you do this to screw your opponent up because you get one free phase if it goes through.


Obviously Combats take up a phase. Only ones like TES don't.


Um... Time is A Warrior's Tool and Dazed are two totally different cards and in no means are related, except for the fact they are both staples.


Time is a Warrior's Tool reads: Stop a physical attack or energy attack. Stops all physical and energy attacks performed by your opponent for the remainder of Combat. Limit 1 per deck.


It is a defense. Your opponent can still play attacks even if you Time them because all it does is stop attacks, not prevent them from playing them.


Dazed is used in place of an attack, and Time is a defense. I don't understand how you could get confused between both because they are both clearly not related in the least bit. Now if you could explain that to me then let me know and I'll do my best.


Champion Drill was given to Aik, the 2001 champion, and Top 16 of 2002. They were randomly inserted in Androids Saga Limited boxes on accident, but the chances of one still being in a limited box, let alone finding one, is very very slim. You are much better buying it on Ebay or trading for it. That's what I did to get mine and some for my friends too. You can also obtain it at GKI if you place in the Top 8.


Hope that helps.



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