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Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 16:47:59 EDT

Hello Matthew, I have been reading alot of these help articles, and they seem interesting.

>> Very sorry for not getting back to you. Your email got tossed in the
>> deck section of my email box and well, I didn't see it until I'm
>> sitting here now bored at work. Sorry about that. <<

I am just now starting on playing this card game (I used to play until the World Games Saga came out, and I stopped there). I am so lost because there are all of these new cards that you guys are talking about. I don't have many any cards left, I have the 3 GT Goku levels, 4 Dr. Myuu levels and some more which forgot, and I wanted to know where I should start, and what I should buy.

>> That's a good question. Personally I would invest in a little bit of each of the Sagas you missed, but the key Sagas are Baby, Super 17, Buu, and Kid Buu. Fusion is ok but personally I see it too often. Babidi doesn't have too much to offer; it has some decent cards but nothing you can't trade for.
Kid Buu is one of the best sets IMO. You should be able to find Z boxes for really cheap wholesale now, so pig out on that. As for the two GT sets, there's just so much good stuff it's hard to resist. Take a look at what's in the sets at Shadow Dragon releases soon so make sure you keep some cash for that. <<

If possible keep it to a minimum of around $150. I also wanted to know if DBZ CCG is still popular and if there are still major and regional events going on for DBZ rather than DBGT.

>> Now the events are Expanded and Focused. Expanded uses Z and GT cards (Saiyan - Super 17). Focused uses GT cards (Baby and Super 17).
It is still popular if you ask me, and the events are just amazing. I still go to multiple events each year as it says on Pojo. <<

If so please advise me on whether to buy DBGT cards or DBZ cards. I appreciate you reading this e-mail, and I hope you can help.

>> Depends. If you are on an extremely limited budget, you could just quit Z competitively and get GT cards. And then join the focused world until you think you're ready to catch up on Expanded. Focused is cheaper of course with the smaller cardpool, but it also involves getting multiple copies of rare cards.
I like Expanded more because I'm an old school fan and a purist because of that. But that's just me. Whatever you have fun in is the key.
Good luck. <<
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