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From: TrunksfanKTM
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 17:47:07 EDT

Hi Matt,
I just read your response to the e-mail about Black CS Mastery, and I was
appalled to see that you called the WGS Mastery useless. Lately, I've been
playing a Black Majin Buu Anger deck and I've found that the WGS Mastery is the only
one that consistently helped me to win games. With all the Freestyle and
Orange decks running around, the massive amount of board control that the Mastery
gives (with North Kai) is very nice. For anger, the other masteries don't do
much, the TS is nice for a beatdown side victory but that's about it. With WGS
Mastery, I can fairly easily dispatch any kind of setup my opponent tries to
get out. The deck has done fairly well so far too, T8 at Toronto GKQ, and T16
at St. Louis GKQ. I guess I'm just trying to say that just because you haven't
thought of a use for a card doesn't make it useless. Sorry for the rant, but I
had to defend my Mastery. Hope to see you at the GKI.
Kyle McGrath (Torch on FGN)

Yep, never found any use or point to it. Though combo it with North Kai... THAT I didn't think of. Probably should of but haven't.

It is not useless; just way outclassed. Not every deck runs 50 (sarcasm intended) drills like Freestyle and Orange does. Anger decks normally just run Victorious Drill and maybe a couple other choice ones.

Without North Kai, WGS Black does nothing against Freestyle. It can own Orange to a certain extent, ie discarding the Focusing Drill every time Mastery gets it. Black itself runs a few Drills and of course DB, but I don't see DB decks sticking around in combat to watch all their drills get discarded, granted Kick or Fury doesn't show up.

As for the discarding of non-combat cards; that definitely can help, especially with people taking physicals after a Leg Catch/Quick Dodge. But then you have to run a ton of Black physicals. I can see that being quite useful in Black anger with Personal Smack/Unlocked Potential on level 3 and nuking all annoying "Heart Disease" clones.

Reason why I called it useless was because of all the decks that don't run drills/non-combats, and the fact that it cannot override Freestyle Mastery MBS without the help of North Kai (but remember for some random reason I didn't think of Black WGS with North). Against decks like that it has really no purpose, and I'd rather have a Mastery that is multipurpose and helps me on nearly all ends. Sure most good Masteries will be rendered useless in some matches (Blue CS against DB, Black CS against Gohan 1 MBS, etc), but I'd rather have one that I can use a majority of the time.

Though in your case you are correct; I can see WGS working in your funky deck. And only your deck because dedicating your whole Mastery to drill and non-combat destruction when you don't even know if it will help you in many matches is something I don't see many decks doing. Except for Personal Smack insurance.

I'd just rather run Pivot Kicks/Front Punches to deal with the nons/drills and pick out a different Mastery. I have my nons/drill hate and can sensei them in when I see fit. That and not have one of the most important cards in my deck become a sitting duck in many games.

That of course is just my opinion. I guess it WGS is not useless... just doesn't have as many uses as other ones. If you know what I mean.

BTW, this was rather interesting to hear, glad to have someone point something out I never thought of. Nice playing you @ Worlds and I will see you at GKI.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan