Subject: Re: 18 Black TS 2: Androids Revenge!!!

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From: "Robert Evans"
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 23:21:49 -0500

yeah, sappy title, but I'm being goofy.

Found were I can get my hands on some of those cards, so while I'm waiting, I'm running proxies for the time, since the local rule is you can as long as you don't go over board with it. That and it gives me an excuse to defile my old Magic: The Gathering cards. Again, its to the point that editing is a pain, because you have to really think before you trade out cards. Anyway, here is what it will look like when I'm finished. Lets see if you have anymore suggestions. Yes, I've very fast, my best friend owns the local gaming shop, so if I can't find it, he can.

Main Peronality
Android 18 1-4 CS, No HT

TS Black Mastery
North Kai Sensei

BSM x3
Black Front Punch
Black Pivot Kick x3
Black Face Smash x3
Black Energy Swirl x2

Expectant Trunks
Black Weakness Drill x2
A Hero's Heart is Strong x2
Frieza is Ready
Black Smoothness Drill
Vegeta's Quickness Drill
Hero's Lucky Break

TES x3
Aura Clash x2
Gathering of Heroes
Android 17 Smirks
Android 18's Stare Down x3
Looking Good x2
Android Tag Team
Cell's Defense
Injured Circuits
Cell's Treatening Position
The Power of the Dragon
Battle Pausing

City in Turmoil x3

Physical Combats
Black Defensive Stance x3
Black Body Destruction x2
Goku's Flight x3
Gohan's Kick x2
Black Physical Focus x2

Energy Combats
Black Energy Web x3
Goku Swiftly Moving x2
Goku's SS Blast x2
Android 19's Energy Blast x3
Black Turning Kick x2
Super Android 13s Destruction Bomb x2
Yamcha's Skillful Defense x2
Vegeta's Jolting Slash x2
Nappa's Energy Aura
Black Recovery
Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast x3
Black Knife Hand Strike x2
Black Protection Orb

Android 13
Android 14
Android 15
Android 17 CS
Android 19 CS
Android 20 CS

Well, there you have it. I ran it with this configuration and beat the guy with a decent Majin Buu Orange deck 2 out of 2 games. We decided on a best out of 2, but I won both of them. Gave me a bit of a chill, it didn't really start working till later on in the match, but when the onslaught came, it came....all the androids out in play ripped through him after a destruction bomb and a black physcial focus from 18 to drain her, then battle paused to pull out energy web and the other bomb that was dicarded, and hit with those. It wasn't very pretty when it worked. Generally I was drawind defensive cards on my turn, and offensive on his, which was weird, but ended up working. Also made me consider using AS 18, but defense sheilds aren't that great.

Anyway, lets make this thing as mean as it can be...

Yay time to pick one of my 38 decks to tech and start.

I'd got with at least 2 Front Punches, cut one of the Face Smashes. Reason is Freestyle and Orange normally run mass Drills, as well as DB, and Face Smash will only work on Namekian.

You might even consider moving one AHHIS to the Sensei so you can main deck another card.

Try get Foreboding Evidence for those Combat cards.

Your Combats look great; if another Gathering of Heroes could fit in it might help power A18 so she can do Destruction Bombs and Prepared Stances; otherwise you look set.

You should run 3 Body Destruction without a doubt. If you start to have problems with DB, run a third Kick as well.

It is Android 19's Energy Burst, not Blast.

I would cut one more omni-defense and add in a third Turning Kick because that card is very good. Dual attack block cards are normally really good to run regardless.

And... you need Earth Dragon Ball 7. Don't leave home without it.

Wait a minute... you aren't running 3x Android 13's Prepared Stance or Android 16 Smiles... you need those!!! Run them cause Android searching ability is broke and good, trust me.

You aren't drawing defense when your opponent attacks you? You've got tons of defense looking at what I see. Remember Body Destruction, Knife Hand Strike, and Turning Kick can always be held for the following turn so you can have a block. Black's ability to have an extra attack when necessary gives it great versitality.

Good luck! Now after that, all that should be necessary is to get all those expensive cards (groan), and then... Kid Buu comes out and we start all over again!

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan