Subject: Re: Cell Red CS Physical Beatdown

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From: "Monjoni Osso"
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2003 20:39:32 -0400

This is a deck I started building for fun, when I saw the Cell HT and
finally got one, but it's proven to be quite the contender, taking down the
reigning MB Freestyle champion deck. It works off of the card power and
Mastery, so it's weak to PTT. However, PTT's not widely played (no one at
the local store has all the cards necessary for "bling" Namekian), and Drill
decks and Vegeta Freestyle are currently dominant. It's done fairly well
for itself so far, averaging 4-0-50 lcs per combat with a Red Gambit
attached. Anywho, I'd like to know what you think, what i could add and

Main Personality - Sure, this is ok.
Cell Stage One (HT)
Cell, Stage Two
Cell, Perfect
Cell, the Destroyer
Cell, the Master

Red Style Mastery (Cell Saga)

North Kai

Sensei Deck - >_< I'm disappointed in you. Fill this Sensei deck. There's absolutely no reason not to. I'm saying Breakthrough Drills, HUH???, Black Scout Maneuver, A Hero's Heart is Strong... anything... 3x Red Cross Punch Red Spiked Blast

Battleground/Location - Two is not enough. Dying Planet also screws you over; good job, you can't use your Mastery. I'd run a couple Citys, and maybe some other choice like Cell's Arena, Winter Countryside, or something. Remember, there is a card called Cell's Instant Transmission that allows you to zip to whereever you want when you want, and that will give you extreme tech against certain decks. Dying Planet does give you tech, but not being able to use your Mastery will probably hurt you more than it helps. A Hero's Heart is Strong would be a better option. Dying Planet City in Turmoil

Non-Combat - If I had to run just a couple non-combats, I'd run Foreboding Evidence, Frieza is Ready, and Expectant Trunks. Not including the URs though. This one isn't bad though. Don't You Just Hate That

Draongball - not bad, but why not run Alt DDB4? Gives you ability to cripple Freestyle by North Kai and put the ball out. You run only 1 non-combat, so it can't hurt can it? Alt. Dende Dragonball 2

Combat - I'd add Power of the Dragon.
Time is a Warrior's Tool
3x Red Gambit - cut this whatever you do
Cell's Instant Transmission - I'd run a bit more.
Super Saiyan Effect
Andrid 18's Staredown (working on getting more) - good.
Cell's Threatening Position
Android 17 Smirks
Trunks Energy Sphere - x3 right?

Energy Attacks - The only Red energies I'd run are probably Red Mouth Cannons and Vigor Orb/Energy Blast. Ki Push is interesting in combo with the level 2 power, but if you make it up there, why would you ever want to go back down besides get two more attacks that combat? I mean... you could just go get Shattering Leap with your power and have a giant base... 2xRed Cross Slash 3xRed Ball Throw Red Vigor Orb Supreme Kai's Ki Push

Energy Blocks - Something doesn't seem right. I would probably run a bit more for some funny reason. Frieza's Force Bubble Red Slide Nappa's Energy Aura 2xRed Energy Defensive Stance Red Rapid Deflection Red Energy Shield

Physical Attacks
2xRed Driving Jab - Terrible card.
2xRed Pressure Technique
2xRed Jump Kick - I'd rather go Mouth Cannon or Majin Buu's Bicycle Kick Red Uppercut - nah 3xRed Flying Attack - overshadowed in current environment. Cell's Backslap 3xRed Shielded Strike - interesting, but kinda weak. 3xRed Drop Kick - Interesting. I used to run it, but seems outdated for some reason. Red POwer Lift - Outdated. 3xRed Lifting Kick - Interesting. 2xRed Light Jab - Nah. Hercule's Drop Kick - Nah. Red Tilted Punch - Run 3. Super broke card seeing anyone smart runs around 10-30 Combat cards in their deck, if not more. 2xRed Face Slap - nice. Red Knee Eruption - Terrible. Try out Red Lightning Slash. Red Back Kick - nice. Run more. Red Shattering Leap (working on getting more) - good, get more ^_^ Red Air Kick - I'd cut this. Red Power Rush (working on getting more) - Maybe. Try out Gohan's Power Hit as well. Red Overhand Crush - I dunno, didn't quite interest me. Lightning Slash was always better in my eyes.

I pretty much know what I need to get immediately. 2 more A18's Staredown,
2 more Shattering Leap, but after I get the basics covered, what else should
go in?

I hope you can understand this being short seeing I have college coming up real soon, and I've been doing a lot of other stuff other than Pojo lately, like trying to get myself to Las Vegas.

Thus, this will be short, sweet, and to the point.

If you want some good Red cards, go buy a pack of Trunks Reforged. You'll get both of those Shattering Leaps as well as a wealth of good uncommons that are Red.

MBS Freestyle should be either Goku or Buu. Gohan and Vegeta are decent as well, but right now Goku and Buu are the powerhouses. The only Red CS deck I ever seeing taking down either is the new Supreme West Kai Red CS one which can manipulate its discard so that a Red card will always be on top, a good card will be drawn with Protective Shelter, and multiple drills will create an 8 card hand. Comboed with Red Meditation Drill, Drills can get discarded but are easily regenerated.

By the way, if anyone even ever lets you get Gambit attached... they deserve to lose (for the most part). Gambits... are way too hard to even bother trying to use. Only card advantage characters can use it, and right now Red is one of the harder ones to do that with (though it is one of the best Gambits). SWK I can see, but not Cell unless you get to that level 2 and get really really lucky. Not really worth your time and not worth you getting a beating if you draw it when defending, seeing it does even less than a non-combat when defending. I tried playtesting Red Gambit for Super T, where my whole deck was Red, and all Gambit did was mess me up when defending.

Now I'm going to do my random comments next to cards. I thought you knew that good decks generally run 3 copies of the best attacks/cards they need unless it is a major tech card that is only used in certain situations. That's a tip I would keep in mind. If you find a good card, run 3 if you can. You'd have a greater probability of getting it. I honestly want to tech decks that aren't what people have; I want to tech decks to what people want the decks to look like once they get all the cards. That's because I'm going to probably recommend cards you don't have. Reason is I don't know what you have. If I tech something based on what you have, and you get more stuff, then I have to tech again. Endless cycle.

You could go anger/physical beatdown hybrid. Cards like Red Double Strike and Majin Vegeta's Frantic Attack become huge when pumped with modifiers. But above all... you aren't running Gohan's Kick in a physical deck? *faints* DB decks will run you over. You'll enter, attack, they take or block, they end. You'll never get hits in. Kick and Majin Buu's Fury are more or less staples of a deck of this style. With both of those you might be able to run over a DB deck in just one turn.

I would also run allies like Android 14 or a couple Cell Jrs as backup. Can't hurt. You don't run too many dead cards, and these dead cards can easily turn a game around much more than Red Gambit.

I also think running some physical blocks might just help... at least a little. Don't you think? I mean... one physical block being Time is A Warriors Tool isn't going to save you... especially against Freestyle with their Devastation Drills...

Good luck. I bet there are billion ideas more that I have but I'm going brain dead. You need to decide where you want to go with this... physical with just the level 1, physical to get to level 2, or anger/physical. All can be used, especially with Cell.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan