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From: JO45DK

Date:  Sat, 11 Oct 2003 22:28:33 -0400


I'd first like to say that I highly respect you as one of the greatest DBZ players, and appreciate your enthusiam to help fellow players with rules, tips, and techs. I notice, though, that none of your letters, nor the Pojo DBZ Card Game mag, have dealt with the lesser formats that Score throws into events, like Super-T.


Anyway, I was wondering how Super-T works. Obv. MP and Sensei don't have to fit, but does this mean no allies? no DBs? I assumed that when I made this (totally predictable) Super-T deck:



Goku, the Hero (CS)

Goku, the Saiyan (CS)

Goku, Earthâ??s Hero (CS HT)

Goku, Super Saiyan Ascended (MBS)



MBS Saiyan



North Kai:

    Saiyan Assault x3

    Saiyan Flight x3

        Saiyan Headshot

        Saiyan Onslaught x3

        Saiyan Pressure Technique x3



Saiyan Battle Terms x3

Saiyan Inspection x3



Saiyan Gambit x3

Saiyan Truce Card


Physical Attacks:

(KBS) Saiyan Beef x3

Saiyan Blitz x3                

Saiyan Charge x3       

Saiyan Cross Punch x3

Saiyan Destiny x3

Saiyan Direct Strike x3        

Saiyan Escape x3                   

Saiyan Face Smash x3               

Saiyan Flying Kick x3              

Saiyan Heads Up x3

Saiyan Left Kick x3

Saiyan Power Kick x3               

Saiyan Power Rush x3

Saiyan Snap Kick x3            


Physical Blocks:

Saiyan Blocking Technique x3       

Saiyan Lightning Dodge x3          

Saiyan Power Block x3              

Saiyan Wrist Block x3      


Energy Blocks:

Saiyan Focus x3

Saiyan Hand Swipe x3

Saiyan Neutralization x3

Saiyan Planet Explosion x3



(KBS) Saiyan Brace x3


If I get one, I'll put in Goku, Super Saiyan 3, and then I'll replace the Hero with the MBS version (for versatility). Obv I'm waiting for Kid Buu to get Saiyan Brace and Beef too. I'm not really serious about getting my deck teched; I'm mostly interested in info on the format. 



Really eh? Who said I was good? I can easily name a whole lot of people who are better than me. Though it is always nice to hear a compliment or two ^_^.


The reason why I never do anything with Super T (I do Tuff Enuff) is because those tournaments never really matter in the long run. Score has had two or so of those, and none give Kai Points or anything like that. They are fun tournaments, but nothing that is really necessary to make decks for.


That and seeing that there are a very infrequent amount of tourneys no one actually makes the decks or tries to find most of the strategies in which to make them good. I haven't tried too hard myself. For my Super T deck I just took one of my old decks and took out all the freestyle stuff, and obviously lost every game.


But if Score makes it part of GKI, you can bet people will make strategies for it.


Anyway... Super T is some super Tokui-Waza. All cards in your deck must be styled, except your Mastery and Sensei. You must declare, and you cannot be freestyle. Thus, there are no Dragon Balls, allies, or Location/Battlegrounds. Take this into mind when creating your deck.


Saiyan and Red shine the best in this format. Saiyan has the CS Mastery to super draw cards, seeing you'll always get 2. Red angers up so fast with very few cards to stump anger for a long time.


If you ever do get SS3 Goku, stick with Hero. Then you can chose Hero and Earth's Hero and get broke 8 card hands with Mastery.


If not, still try to get a BS Level 5 because you don't want to stay on that level 4 too long. The level 5 is just better if you ask me.


Hmm... the only thing I really noticed that you need to change is your lack of energy attacks. Saiyan has Power Beam and Strength Blast that are pretty good. Note that it is the effects you should be looking at.


I'm not very good at teching Super T because I'd have to review a lot more cards that I'm not used to, and the format means no allies, etc, and I'm going to forget that and being not used to not seeing staples.


Also, I never really thought Gambit would really help much. Your major problem will be getting it when you defend, and that's a useless card in your hand. If you are on level 1 and 3 and you are holding it, you can Mastery/Power to draw 3 cards and then Gambit, but the key is drawing it when you draw your 3. The effect isn't that great, and it can screw you over. Use it wisely.


I assume you have a reason for not running Saiyan Perfect Defense, and Saiyan Elusion is a pretty good card.


Have fun with it, but remember there really aren't any important tournaments for Super T, so that's why I generally don't spend my time working on something that I don't need to.



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