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Hello Matt,

I noticed your deck critiquing niche on Pojo and thought I would give it a shot I have been out the the game for awile and sure my deck has become outdated. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I've been hearing that Black decks are all the rage now and are tuff to beat to some good tech against them would be helpful. Hercule's Cresent Punch maybe? My basic strategy is to make everything in the deck cycle for a quick kill. Anyway, here is the deck.


>> Herculeís Crescent Punch is a very good card to combat Black. If you

>> cycle it back with your power and reuse it constantly, you can abuse

>> it and generally stop Black from doing anything. <<


Note*(I cant get my hands on Red Throwdown or Pummel)


>> Couple thingsÖ next time you send me a deck, think you can organize

>> it into subtype? I like to give advice for each subtype of card while

>> seeing all the cards of that type at once without having to look all

>> over for it. I will often recommend a card and then find it later onÖ

I do know you did this on apprentice ;).


Alright, interesting tidbits:

Your deck is 54 cards (provided I know how to count). Thatís not a bad thing but thatís not a good thing either. Hereís why.

Red Rush is all about getting beat up, fueling the discard, and chaining infinite attacks to kill your opponent very early on. There is nothing wrong with the way your deck is set up. Iíve seen 85 card Red Rush and 50 card Red Rush. 50 is usually Multiform or some other similar variation of suicide. 85 is the much more stable version that allows you to pack in much needed tech like Red Invasion and Red Annihilation.


Honest to goodness Iíd run 85. It has been proven through Jason Stroud placing high in multiple tournaments as well as 2nd at Worlds that it works extremely well with Red Rush SWK. SWK has the insane ability to regen cards you donít want in your discard (ie Freestyle/dead cards) and just reuse everything good over and over. Not to mention she doesnít need defense, so whatever she draws is going to most likely be ammo for your strategy.

Anyway, suggestions:

Red Cellís Tail Trap is interesting but it is also removed from the game. We want to try to have a good selection of cards that arenít removed so you can continually reuse them throughout the match. Itís a powerful card but not necessarily gamebreaking. But it is good, so Iím not telling you to outright take it out.

I would, however, recommend to take out Red Gambit. Or at least not run 3. It is a great card to throw on to yourself and Thunder Clap after youíve done that to your Mastery, but 3 is too many for my tastes. Watch it clog up your hand when you need another attack by drawing it midcombat.


Red Axe Heel Kick is a key card you should definitely run. It helps immensely when your Mastery is shut off, and also allows you to gain anger. One of SWK Red Rushís amazing abilities is to win via anger victory. Many of its bad matchups come against other SWK decks, and anger is the easy (and cheap -_-) ways of winning. Consider running stuff like Red Lightning Slash if you think you want to try this out. Either way, level 3 gives you immense card advantage so thatís not a bad thing to want to be there.


Thing is, packing all that stuff usually means youíll need to go full 85. You should consider running stuff like maybe a couple Confrontation/Champions, but above all attempt to get your hands on 3 Champions Aura (I know -_-). Combo it with Red Face Snap. 2 attacks to your hand, 3 to the discard. Use the attacks in hand to draw the 3 in the discard. Face Snap Champions Aura back. Wash, rinse, repeat.


Red Aerial Force/Annihilation combo is extremely strong, especially against decks that seem to block everything you do. Also might want to mention that you donít have a Sensei deck. There are some key cards that will really help you out like Red Front Jab and Red Plasma Catapult.


Iíd also run some key tech cards like Red Energy Blast/Vigor Orb. If something stupid like Bujin starts ruining your day, youíll be glad you can banish him away.


After all, good luck. It is your ultimate decision how you want your deck to be played. If you like 50 card, Iíd consider taking out some of the cards that seem to drag it down a bit (maybe 1 CIT, maybe Left Bolt, maybe Gambit, possibly Smackdown) to run a few more tech cards to be more stable. If you want 85, you can pack so many more combos in the deck to be ready for anything, even though youíll be slower. Your call. Have fun with whatever you decide.


BTW, Protective Shelter and Vegetaís Quickness Drill are broken beyond belief in SWK. Also consider running Big Man on Campus because it works whenever youíre not at zero.



//NAME: Supreme Rush

//STYLE: Red Tokui-Waza

//PERSONALITY: Supreme West Kai

††††††† 1 Supreme West Kai

††††††† 1 Supreme West Kai

††††††† 1 Supreme West Kai

††††††† 1 Red Rush Mastery

††††††† 1 Master Roshi Sensei

††††††† 3 City in Turmoil

††††††† 1 Battle Pausing

††††††† 3 Trunks Energy Sphere

††††††† 1 Super Saiyan Effect

††††††† 3 Red Gambit

††††††† 3 Red Anticipation

††††††† 3 Red Left Bolt

††††††† 1 Red Rush Mastery

††††††† 3 Red Toe Pierce

††††††† 3 Red Face Snap

††††††† 3 Red Cell's Tail Trap

††††††† 3 Red Crash

††††††† 3 Red Crippler

††††††† 3 Red Hypersonic Knockout

††††††† 1 Red Whiplash

††††††† 3 Red Aerial Force

††††††† 3 Red Thunder Clap

††††††† 3 Gohan's Kick

††††††† 3 Red Smackdown

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