Subject: Re: PTT Namekian deck

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From: Rice Jr
Date: Sat, 9 Aug 2003 21:23:19 -0700 (PDT)

Hey Matthew I was wondering if you could help me fix this deck and give me adivce and pointers for it. The point of this deck is kill off my opponent life deck with energy attacks as fast as possible before they win with the most powerful personality victory or with dragon balls.(I'm not rich so I use what I have and Can get)


Namekian style (TS)


Piccolo the trained (AS)
Piccolo HT lvl 2 (TS)
Piccolo the Hero (TS)

Physical blocks:

Namekian Ducking Techinque x3
Namekian Halting Stance x3
Tien's block
Vegeta's Physical Stance
Namekian Defensive Stance

Physical combats:

Tien's Physical Attack x3
Namekian Dash
Namekian Foot Lunge x3
Namekian Crushing Hold x3
Namekian Rock Crush x2
Namekian Wrist Grab x2

Energy Blocks:

Nappa's engery arura
Piccolo Sidestep! x2
Goku's Energy Absorption
Namekian Energy Catch x3

Energy Combats:

Namekian energy Ray x3
Namekian Quick Blast
Namekian Final Flash x3
Krillin's Heat seeking Blast x3
Good Advice
Namekian eye beam x3
Namekian Double Blast x2
Namekian Focused Blast x2
Namekian Glare Attack x3
Namekian Piercing Beam
Piccolo's Revenge


Confrontation x3
Vegeta's Surprise Defense x2
Mother's Touch x3
Namekian Energy Focus
Super Saiyan Effect


Hero's lucky Break
Namekian energy Drill
Expectant Trunks
Vegeta's Quickness Drill
Goku's Ready
Frieza's Influencing Drill
Namekian Ready Drill

Winter CountrySide

Thank you for your time!

Well that's your problem. If you want a good Namekian deck you need to have a bit of cash. The card engine, Namekian's Strike, isn't too hard to get with the big release at Worlds. It will be out in a few short months, so get it then.

Use the WGS Piccolo 2-3 and CS 4, and if you have it the level 5 (not totally necessary). Physical Blocks are Ducking Techniques(2-3) and Pikkon's Leg Catches(3). And the omnis. Dash, Gohan's Kick, Namekian Shield Destruction, and MAYBE Namekian Shuto should be your Physicals. Sidestep is terrible. I would go with Energy Ricochets, Goku's Energy Absorption, NEA, and of course Namekian Energy Deflection. Oh my gosh I found someone running Namekian Energy Ray. >_< Cool looking card, but that's its only merit. The only energies I'd run from your selection are Focused Blasts, Quick Blasts, Eye Beam, Good Advice, and maybe Piercing Beam (if I was desperate). Heat Seeking... nice, but only does a measly 4 life. I'd go with good stuff like Vegeta's Energy Focus, Piccolo's Power Ball, Android 19's Energy Burst, Vegeta's Jolting Slash, and Supreme Kai's Ki Push. At least you can find cards like Jeice Flash Attack if things go really bad. Just don't run stuff like Energy, lower your opponent's anger 1.

What... no Trunks Energy Sphere? >_< You are a hero... what... Piccolo works best as a villian. But if you want hero, fine, just no Jolting Slashes, FIR, A14, A19's Energy Burst, etc. Vegeta's Surprise Defense and Mother's Touch are WAY outdated in being decent cards.

Keep Expectant Trunks, Hero's Lucky Break, and Vegeta's Quickness Drill (maybe). Ditch the rest of the nons. You need stuff like Piccolo and Heroes Gather and Krillin's Concentration for insane searching ability. Your deck should be packed with a bunch of utility Combat cards like Stupid Tricks, A17 Smirks, POTD, Battle Pausing, etc so you can't go wrong.

And you of course need more Locations/Battlegrounds. 1 Winter Countryside, 1 Z Sword Plateau, and 2 City in Turmoil work for me.

I wrote an article about a good Namekian deck before. Get some ideas there, even though it is outdated. Hopefully I helped at least a tiny bit.

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