Subject: Re: Proper order of DBall drawing w/ EDQ

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From: DarthNaps
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 21:06:04 EDT


I have taken your advice, trimmed down a lot of my weaker physical attacks to
make space for a set of Earth Dragonballs. I recently pulled The Eternal
Dragon's Quest out of my last booster box of BS and decided to toss it in my Goku
anger/card advantage deck also. So what would be the best order to draw out
the Earth Dragon balls in this fashion?


Honestly it depends. EDQ in an anger deck is in my opinion a very good idea. Note that in anger decks you do sensei in 2x Black Scout Maneuver to nail Cell's Threatening Position, so don't expect to win via DB all the time.

It mainly depends on the situation. If you are seeing a big Combat coming up, namely if you have Gohan's Kick and a bit of anger handy, Alt EDB 3 is a nice one to put out. If you think you'll probably pass with a somewhat weak hand but you would like to level being at 3 or 4 anger, EDB 4 is nice. EDB 5 is one you could definately use at 1 anger, put it out, regen 2, enter and Mastery to level, and you can easily chain it into a big Combat. EDB 7 is the powerhouse, seeing you get put stack your three and then draw, allowing you to have a perfect Combat. Use that one very wisely. EDB 2 is the weakest one, but don't forget the DBs can be stolen, so you can use it if you know the DBs are going to be stolen soon. EDB 1 is a toss up, seeing with one draw you can easily debate whether to attack or pass, but one card advantage is still good. EDB 6 is one you'd put out to stall anger a bit, but mainly so you can get out of a future Combat that might present a problem.

Thus it all depends on the situation. But if you want the quick win, I'd go with... Alt EDB3 (so the DBs don't get stolen) EDB5 EDB4 EDB7 EDB1 EDB6 EDB2

Remember each situation depends. There will be times where EDB 2 is the one you need. Think about which one will give you the advantage, and don't forget even with Alt 3, your DBs can still be stolen.

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