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Subject: Hey Pojo Please Get the Peeps at Dbzcardgame to answer this please!!!!!!!!!

Hey Dbz,

Please answers the questions so I could prove to all my fellow Dbz players that you guys actually do answer your questions.

1) The Sayain saga card #66 which reads"Energy attack doing 4 life cards of damage or stops an energy attack" I would like to know if this could stop a focused energy attack?
2) I would like to know if Redemption Earth Dragon Ball 7 which reads "You play this card during combat to end combat. Choose 3 cards from your discard pile and place them on top of your life deck. Lower your opponent's anger 2 levels." If your opponent were to steal this Dragon Ball from you can he/she can end combat, or does the person just rejuvenate three cards and lower thier opponent's anger two levels?
3) The card Black Body Destruction from Capsule Corp Power Pack 1(which is not in your card library) which reads "Physical attack doing +4 power stages of damage, or stops a physical attack. If you declared a Tokui-Waza, discard a random card from your opponet's hand. Remove from the game after use." I would like to know if that stops a focused physical attack and if used as an attack does your opponent discard a card from his/her hand before he/she is allowed to block or after?
4) The card #66 Majin Pui Pui the Henchman Level 2 from the Babidi saga which reads "Spin Kick: Physical attack doing +4 power stages of damage. Remove the top card of your opponent's discard pile from the game. If successful and you have more cards in your discard pile than your opponnent. Raise your anger 2 levels." Does Majin Pui Pui raise his anger 2 levels if he has the same number of cards in his discard pile as his opponent?
5) I would like to know if my friend has seen my deck with the card Black searching technique and removed two cards from my deck and now knows that I play all 7 Dragon balls and knows that there still in my deck, so let's say later in the game my opponent gets me down to exactly 7 cards, does my opponent automaticlly wins and if so; let's say I'm in a game with someone who knows my deck in and out (like, my best friend) and he gets me down to my final 7 cards does he automaticlly wins being that he just figures that its my last 7 Dragon Balls or does he have to prove it by searching my deck or something similar to that?
6) If I used the Babidi saga card #38 Black Face Crush which reads "Physical attack doing +3 power stages of damage. you may remove a "Black Fore Fist Punch" in your discard pile from the game. If you do, raise your anger 2 levels, and for the remainder of combat prevent 3 power stages of damage from every attack your opponent performs." if I used that card when I was at 0 power stages and removed a Black Fore Fist Punch from my discard pile, would it still prevent 3 power stages from an attack that does 5 power stages even though I'm at 0?
7) The Buu saga card #66 Goku swiftly moving which reads "Stops an energy attack. In your next "attacker attacks phase", perform the exact same attack that this card stopped, if you have the power stages to pay for your attack." Can I use that if my opponent played Trunks saga card #130 Krillin' Heat Seaking Blast which reads "Energy attack.this attack cannot be stopped or prevented. Remove from the game after use." and I would also like to know if I don't have enough power stages to pay for the attack can I play the card at all?

Thanks pojo,
Rich Aka TwigZ


Well, I'm not affiliated with Score, but at least I'm a good secondary source, right?

I'm Matthew Low, known as matthewlow on Score's board. I'm Pojo's little lackey that answers all the DBZ questions...

So, let's get started.

1. Yes. It stops just an energy attack, so yes it can stop a focused attack. Focused cannot be stopped by only Masteries, Defense Shields, and cards that say "Stops a phyiscal or energy attack" somewhere on the card. BTW that's Black Knife Hand Strike right?

2. If Earth Dragon Ball 7 is stolen the end combat ability is not used again. Why? On the card it says "You may play this card during Combat to end Combat." In order to "play" a card, it must come from your hand. Thus, when you capture it, you only get to stack the 3 cards and lower your opponent's anger.

3. Black Body Destruction's secondary effect discards a card at random. Secondary effects happen immediately, before your opponent is able to block. Thus, the discard occurs before any block can be played. It also can stop focused attacks, just like Black Knife Hand Strike. The discard would happen immediately as well, right after the block.

4. "Spin Kick: Physical attack doing +4 power stages of damage. Remove the top card of your opponent's discard pile from the game. If successful and you have more cards in your discard pile than your opponent, raise your anger 2 levels."
>From what I see Pui-Pui's card text says you have to have more, and
>having the same isn't having more, now is it ;)? So that would be a no.

5. He must deal you one additional life card. When he does that life card of damage, one Dragon Ball will be revealed, and return to the bottom of the life deck. Then the next DB will be revealed, placed at the bottom, etc. As soon as the "DB chain" starts, saying that as soon as a DB repeats itself, the game is over. You'll know as you will keep discarding and replacing at the bottom over and over again. You can even just place all of the DBs onto the table and not replace them to prove it to your opponent that you lost by not being able to take a life card. The real key is you should know how many DBs are left in your deck and concede when you know your DBs will cycle over and over, being the only cards left in the deck.

6. Yes. They are power stages before they turn into life cards.

7. Funny. I'm not 100% sure on this one, but I believe you can play Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast back at your opponent. You would still take damage of course, and then be able to toss it back at your opponent. However, if you do not have stages, you cannot do this. Same thing if you stop a Villians Only or Namekian Heritage Only energy attack and your are a Hero or a non Namekian (Saiyan, etc).

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.

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