Subject: Re: DBZ questions - Saiyan Goku, Rulings

Note to reader: In this email, I will be replying to each question one by one, using the >> symbol to show that's where I start talking and << to show that I'm done.
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From: "Palatka Sykes"
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 16:56:22 +0000

hello. first i just wanted to say thank you for your advice because i'm sure
a lot of people take for granted the fact that you are helping us for free
and they give you a hard time, but i really appreciate it. i have a few
questions for you about some different decks.

>> LOL, some do. I've only got a few people who think I'm a mediocre
>> player and plain tear me down saying my advice/playing skills are bad (one of them is actually posted), but I live with it knowing that they are generally wrong.
Also, you are very welcome; nice to see someone recognizes this. I hope I'll be able to keep this up once college starts. <<

1. when using master roshi and you're opponent declares combat, do you look
at the top 6 cards of your life deck before you draw you're hand or after
you have drawn you're 3 cards?

>> When entering Combat effects work like this...
Attacker's When entering Combat effects in any order. Defender's When entering Combat effects in any order. Defender draws 3 cards. So your answer is before. That's why Roshi is so good. <<

2. i'm having some difficulty finding allies that have defensive powers for
me to use. i have a few that have powers that say stops the first unstopped
attack, but if i let a physical attack hit me to get master roshi to zero
then i can't use their card power right? any recomendations for allies would
be greatly appreciated.

>> Copy my deck eh? That's true; you won't be able to use their powers
>> if Roshi gets hit. But remember, there are only a small amount of physicals you really have to stop, like Majin Vegeta 1 WGS, Red Lightning Slash, and Straining Jump Kick Move. That's why you save Froug's ability for an important attack.
I use: Froug (physical defense, can stop focused and is a normal defense), Android 18 (omni-defense, stops first attack, very useful), and Trunks (stops first energy, can stop focused). I also use Oolong and copy either A18 or Froug. I used to use Future Gohan who is a defense shield for physicals. Chi-Chi 1 SS is nice in conjunction with Gohan or Goku, but hard to pull off. More or less, Froug, 18, Trunks, and Oolong are enough, though honestly I'd like one more that stops a normal energy and I'd be happy... Just a reminder... making a clone of my deck is EXTREMELY hard. You'd have to really know what you are doing, and have about $1000 in cards... <<

3. now that piccolo the trained can only use his power during combat, he is unable to stop tha card powers of MP's that have when entering combat powers right? for example Goku cell saga level one that draws a card when entering combat. also if PTT was facing Goku Super Saiyan 3 (which i finally got my hands on :) ) would he be able to stop his card power. i don't think he could because SS3 Goku's power is to choose 2 lower levels powers at the beginning of every turn and then use those whenever he wants. so since his actual power is choosing 2 other powers to use, PTT can't stop it right?

>> Correct. Piccolo can no longer stop WEC powers. Lucky you got SS3
>> Goku... *is still looking* Anyway... I'm 90% sure PTT does nothing to
>> SS3 Goku. Just pick your level 1 CS and level 3 HT and draw two cards
>> and you have nothing to fear anyway. I'm pretty sure since you get to
>> pick the powers before PTT can use his, the powers go through. I can
>> be wrong, but if I am, just pick those two levels.

4. when you use earth dragon ball 7, do you actually play it out of your hand to end combat during combat or do you place in play during your non-combat step and play it during combat.also how exactly does EDB6 work?

>> You can play EDB7 during an Attacker Attacks phase to end combat, and
>> choose the 3 cards to stack your deck and lower your opponent's anger 2. You can also play it during your non-combat step, but then you lose the ability to end combat, since it says right on the card you must play it from your hand to end combat (see the new version). You still get to stack the cards and lower anger though.
EDB6 works like this: put it into play and lower your opponent's anger 2. During an attacker attacks phase, just like a normal non-combat, you may say you are using EDB6, end combat, and power your MP to full. Remember if it gets stolen, you lose that ability, so remember to use it before it gets stolen, if you need to. <<

5. when using saiyan style mastery form the cell saga and you discard a card when entering combat, what do you do if it is a dragon ball? i think you put it on the bottom of your life deck and discard another but i'm not sure.

>> You put in on the bottom of your life deck, and since it is not
>> Saiyan, you draw only 1 card.

6. why does level 4 Buu from the Buu saga have shuffling 8 cards from your discard a constant combat power instead of a regular card power?

>> It was mistake in printing. Score said so right when the card was
>> released. It should be a power.

also when you use where theres life theres hope,how do you continue the game if you are out of life cards?

>> You just won't draw. No real damage can be dealt to you in life
>> cards. WTLTH is used mainly to draw out all the Dragon Balls.
>> Remember you can regenerate cards and you can always use non-combats
>> and personality powers to attempt to finish off your opponent. Even
>> ascend a couple levels.

7. last but not least, i'm currently running my primary deck, which consists
mainly of:

Goku levels 1-3 CS (level 3 being the high tech ofcourse)
level 4 Buu saga
SS3 Goku level 5

Saiyan Style Mastery Buu saga (to keep my power stages up with all of the
energy attacks i run and get to level 5 ASAP for his awesome card power)

I run a lot of energy attacks and the only physicals i run are 3 gohans kick
and 2 gokus physical attacks for obvious reasons

right now i'm debating between south kai sensei to pull chi chi quickly or
north kai to shut off my opponents mastery(i would use master roshi but it
will probably take me a while to get my hands on that)

my allies are chi chi and bardock(bardock rocks as an ally)

my only non-combats i run are 2 saiyan inspections(such a sweet card) which
is why i run 2 city in turmoil

the other battlegrounds/locations i run are 2 cells arena and 1 gravity

i also run staples like 3 trunks energy spheres,2 confrontations(it's all i
have),power of the dragon,super saiyan effect,time is a warriors tool,and
battle pausing.

i also use gokus dragon ball quest to pull alternate dende dragon ball 7(for
a little regeneration in a time of need) and dende dragon ball 3 for some
card drawing power.

i'm a little worried about facing strong physical beatdown decks like Buu or
Broly who might shut off my mastery and beat me down.if you could give me
any advice about how to prevent that, i would be very grateful. i run gohans
kick,power of the dragon, and TES to stop dragon ball decks, and i use
saiyan inspection to shut off roshi or PTT. plus since gokus power are
almost all when entering combat PTT shouldn't hurt me much,but physical
attack decks have me alittle worried.thank you in advance.

>> Well, hard to say. Goku energy isn't something you see every day in
>> the vision of Saiyan. I would not use Roshi in your case; North seems better. The MBS mastery isn't really all that great; the CS might actually be better in your case. That all depends; you might want to run the Buu Saga 1 and 2, use the powers to level, and then you'll be on that mean HT3. Then you can easily win by anger or beatdown.
There aren't many strong physical beatdown decks outside of Freestyle with Devastation Drill. You can easily put an end to it with North Kai. Pikkon's Leg Catch and Goku's Quick Dodge should give you the stages to stop big physical decks. Bardock is broke as an ally. I said so. And I would know too :P. I would still run Expectant Trunks in your case. Also, Goku's Instant Teleportation is a nice card to pull out that City; I dunno about Cell's Arena but I guess it could work. Gravity Chamber seems a bit weird for me, as well as 5 Location/Battlegrounds. As for your DDBs, I would probably run all 7 for an alternate victory. The stages can't hurt either. Goku Saiyan Energy can work. Don't forget your Goku's Flights. Use Power of the Dragon to get ChiChi out if you really need her. But hey, if you want to use that Level 5, no one ever said it was bad. Six card hands are pretty good (MBS). Eight card hands are better (CS). <<



i know i have a lot of questions but these are things that have been
bothering me and i wanted to clear them up.i figured i should ask you since
when it comes to DBZ CCG you're the man.thanks

>> No problem. <<

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan