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Date:  Wed, 16 Jun 2004 02:08:11 -0500


Hi, Mathew.


>> All right sir let's see if I can clear things up a bit for ya. ;). <<


I was a top notch player in Colorado with a Krillin deck using the level 3 Krillin method (with the +1 stage for each discard pile card). I was using 3 "Are You Tuff Enuff?" and 3 Aura clashes, as well as things like Krillin's Surprise and I have a "Let The Games Begin". I was forced to quit once I moved to a town in Iowa where no one, literally NO ONE plays DBZ, I can't find anywhere with it or anything.


>> I know the feeling. Actually there are a couple top tier players in

>> Iowa from what I hear. Anyway, I live in CA, and in my area... well

>> it is similar to yours. Hence, I personally only get to play, oh, 6

>> times a year at premier events, and maybe a couple other random times

>> when my friends and I can get together. So believe it or not, I know

>> the feeling pretty well. <<


Anyways, I baisicly quit for a year but I'm moving back to Colorado in a few weeks. Anyways, I played and did very well in tournaments, using the Krillin Heat Seeking Blast method with thoe Krillin Level 3...but now that GT rules have changed I heard that anger is out?


>> Yes and no. In expanded, you may choose to level via anger (Z) or via removing 10 cards in your discard pile from the game (GT). If you choose Z, you cannot remove 10 cards to level unless a card effect tells you to (and then you cannot win by MPPV for remainder of game). If you choose GT, you cannot manip your anger level, but your opponent can.


In focused, there is no anger whatsoever. <<


I don't understand how the rules with anger work, can you still advance personality levels even in regular DBGT games or is anger an effect that's just history? I need to know since Aura clash and Are you Tuff Enuff give me anger to level and that's a kep part of my deck. I don't want to remove 10 cards in my discard to level because having a big discard is a key part to my strategy. I use Freestyle Mastery and Master Roshi sensei.


>> Not bad, but not good either. Why appears below. <<


Anyways, ever

since the Kid Buu saga, the Baby Saga, and the Android 17 saga have been out, I have completely stopped following the game. Now that I'm preparing myself to be effective in tournament play, I need to know what new cards are out that are competitive for my kind of deck.


>> Freestyle is dead right now. Seriously. Right now the environment consists of Saiyan Excite Ball, and it abuses the card Saiyan Power Punch. Saiyan Excitement allows you to go first when defending, and he'll just enter with Power Punch, shutdown pretty much your whole hand and board setup, and proceed to maul you (DB wise, remove your board step, or whatever they feel like doing). Freestyle can be played, but the major archtype kills it right now.

Krillin is also not very strong either. Discard pile removal is one of the most important parts of the game now (denying ability to regen key cards/level is important). Krillin shouldn't have much of a discard pile to tack on damage for his level 3. Sure he can Unlocked Potential early game, but that's about it. Not to mention Black is the most played style now and it revolves around discard pile removal/hand removal. <<


Is my kind of deck becoming

less common with DBGT or more common?


>> Less common. <<


I also don't understand how these

cards with powers stages work that aren't a personality.


>> Ignore the power stages and treat them as a normal card. In DBGT

>> starters, there are HTs that have blank power stages and blank powers

>> and blank PURs. These cards are called backers, and you place them

>> behind the HTs at the beginning of the game. You choose one to use

>> for the whole game. <<


 I also have one

huge question...the first pack I bought from the Baby saga was all foils!

Every card was foil, but there wasn't a single rare in the pack! I was getting 4 star cards in the pack, too. Since when do they put 4 star rarity cards in boosters? I'm confused, please help with everything that you can.

>> There should of been a rare. But anyway, who cares. In every box of

>> Limited, and 2 of Unlimited, there is a hot pack. You got it. The hot

>> pack is an all foil pack. The chances of a UR is greater in one of

>> those. Score also decided to foil all 4 star cards, so you can

>> possibly pull the 4 star foil cards in packs from now on. <<



Hope I helped.






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