Try to gimme some ideas on this deck, youve played it before on apprentice and its probably my favorite because nobody sees it coming.All cards are removed because of mastery, which is great except I lose much control over what I draw and have left in my deck.

PTT(or TS lvl 1, not sure which to use)
Piccy WG 2-3
lvl 4 FS
Namekian Mastery MBS

North Kai Sensei
Namekian Knee Strikex3
(not sure what else to put here, if I had GBS they would be there otherwise I dunno)

Energy Attacks
PPBx1(only have 1, would have more if I could)
Krillins Solar Flare
19s Energy Burstx3
Gotens Focused Blastx3
Good Advice
Trunks Makes Himself Clear
Captain GInyus Energyx3(both of these are for some quick anger if I cant find clashes early on) VJSx3 SKKPx3 2 KHSB(for lack of VEF and PPB) I rely mostly on my powers for attacking

EDB 1-7(alternate victory, if I had WTLTH Id combo it for cheap DB win)

A20s Absorbing

Dying Planetx2

Phys Attacks
Namekian Shield Destructionx2
Gohans Kickx2

Jeice lvl 1
A20 lvl 1 CS
Lord Slug(just love this guy)

Phys Blocks
Gokus Quick Dodgex3
Namekian Ducking Techx2
(VJS helps too)

A18s Staredownx2(just dont have a 3rd)
Namekian Scoutingx2
Namekian Friendship
Gathering of Heroesx2(PAHG for this and friendship=mass removal) TESx3 Super Saiyan Effect Aura Clashx3 17 Smirks Time is A Warriors Tool

Energy Blocks
Energy Ricochetx3(wont be removed by mastery and gives me anger along with endurance, very useful card) Gokus Swiftly Movingx3 NEA

Omni Blocks
Yamchas Skillfull Defensex3(may replace w/ Gokus Flight becuz they give anger)

I know Im missing NS, VEF, more PPBs, etc. What I would really like you to do is find more tech for my sensei, and new ideas for my deck, thx.

I still think PTT is good, but that's just me. He still shuts down Trunks HT 1 as well as many other characters out there.

I'm going to leave you with just a couple pointers seeing that a) I've already played it, so I know it is decent, b) you seem to know what you are missing, and c) well, no reason to drag this on when I've got a couple more of these to do.

Ok... let's see. Sensei deck additions... I usually use Breakthrough Drills as my filler card. Losing Battle can if you really are desperate. Namekian can use Namekian Battle Stance. Namekian Flight can also work if necessary. But by all means, your deck would improve a ton with A Hero's Heart is Strong. That card would rule in your deck, and can easily shut down decks like Krillin Freestyle and Blue Buu MBS. I mean, Dying Planet doesn't come up first turn, so this card can easily clean up a mess.

If you want some other ways to level, Intensity Drill and Transformation are ideas.

Alt Earth DB 3 is a better bet if you ask me.

I would run Namekian Door Explosion. Three of them probably. Door Explosion + Dying Planet = good game for many decks out there. Add another CIT to be safe.

I would add Goku's Energy Absorption, Goku's Flight, and probably Cell's Defense. I like Expectant Trunks, but if you have no discard, maybe not. Power of the Dragon seems fit in here too. Cell's Threatening Position is something I would add as well.

I bet you know you are missing some staples by lack of owning them, so no use in bugging you about them. Good luck!

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