Hi Matthew , I've been reading your help sessions since you started at POJO and have tried to listen to all your advice. I have made a deck that I think is good but definitely needs some help with. Take a look tell me any ideas you have, and I don't mind you ripping the deck apart with criticism.

Mastery: Orange (MBS)
MP: Chi-Chi lv. 1 promo
Chi-Chi lv 2
Chi-Chi lv 3
Sensei:South Kai
Sensei Deck: 5
2x Breakthrough Drill
1x HUH??
2x Black Scout Maneuver

2x Trunks Energy Sphere
1x Time is a warriors tool
1x Super Saiyan Effect
1x Battle Pausing
1X Mother's Rage

Dragon balls:4
Earth DB 3
Earth DB 4
Earth DB 5
Earth DB 7

Allies: 1
Goten, the playful

Energy Attacks:7
2x Last ditch effort
2x Orange splitting headache
1x Orange sneak attack
2x Orange power point

Energy Defense:
1x Nappa's energy aura
2x Orange energy catch
2x Orange energy guard

Physical attacks:23
2x gohan's kick
2x orange headshot
3x underdog drop kick
2x orange searching maneuver
2x orange charge kick
2x orange car push
2x orange backstab
3x orange flight
3x orange uppercut
2x orange strength

Physical defense:4
1x Nappa's physical resistance
1x Vegeta's physical stance
2x orange fist catch

2x orange hiding drill - I think 1 is enough
3x underdog drill - 3 is probably overdoing it.
1x physical defense drill( I only use to stop physicals that will remove my drills or such) - you'll have to discard Focusing Drill, that's no good
3x orange focusing drill
2x caught off guard drill
1x orange laser drill
2x orange spontaneous drill - one at most, probably cut
1x orange haulting drill
2x orange joint restraint drill - probably 3 seeing that it will one of the first discarded.
1x determination drill - cut this
1x orange lifting drill
1x orange off-balancing( should I switch this for a defense shield drill from cell saga?) - don't run it
2x Android 20 absorbing drill
1x orange leg drill - cut this
1x It's all about time - nah
1x expectant trunks
1x long journey
1x releasing the sword
1x goku's heart disease
1x severe bruises

OK. Thanks for the deck help. The goal of my deck is to get out my wall of drills and then to protect it behind a orange focusing drill. I run a number of cards that will allow me to search to my deck for more drills so I can set up as fast as possible. Before I leave you with the deck I have a few questions.

1. Should I run brothers in training? and if so what do I take out. 2. Do you really think confrontation is necessary in this deck? 3. Is there any way I can make this a freestyle tokui-waza while still keeping the amount of speed the deck has? 4.Could you please help me with at least a partial list of cards that I should name with both Caught off guard drill and Black scouting maneuver in order to protect my drills and non-combats? I.e. red energy blast, black pivot kick, saiyan heads up?

Thanks for all the help. I know I'm asking a lot of you.
Andrew Heitner
Chi-Chi owns you all! Mwahahahahahaha....

She's so much fun. Let's see...

First to answer your questions.
1. Yes and no. Maybe a couple; getting a drill during Combat can help immensely. 2. Yes. Confrontation goes in every deck. The only decks I might not run them in are infinite decks and DB speed decks, and even then I still would run them. 3. I think you are better off Orange. 4. I would try to get rid of Android 17 Smirks/Drills are for the Weak and City In Turmoil first. Those hurt the most. Most others are secondary; you should be having Focusing Drill out at almost all times. I can't give you a list because that would take forever...

To the deck:
MP, Mastery, and Sensei/Deck look perfect.
Combats... I would run 3 Motherly Rage, 1 Power of the Dragon, 1 more TES, of course Confrontation, maybe Brothers. What... no Chi-Chi on the Attack!!!??? LOL, just a joke...

If you are running Earth Balls you should run them all for DB win, and alt 3 of course. If not, I would run Dende for Alt 2, seeing that that DB might help a bit.

I would run more than 1 ally. Also, run both Gotens. If you Sensei one out or he gets removed, at least you can get him back. Another ally will help seeing you should run some ally searching just in case Goten gets killed; the other can come out ASAP.

I would run Orange Staredown as probably your lone energy attack. Tech is always helpful. Sneak Attack might work too.

That doesn't look like enough energy defense. Frieza's Force Bubble, and Goku's Running Defense are nice cards. You won't need much energy defense with stop alls in the deck.

Hmm... well, for physicals I would run Krilin's Overhead Smack. With your deck, I would try to use big physicals that are hard to block, like Gohan's Power Hit. If you can get your hands on Evil Presence Drill, it might help. Run 3 Kick and 3 Searching Maneuver; Drills come out quick style.

Hmm... too many Drills. I will comment next to your Drills... ok? You are missing Orange Destruction Drill, one of the more powerful ones. You don't want bad hands.

That should help a little. With a well placed Kick and Joint Restraint on the table, you can deal massive damage. Don't forget to run a Battleground or Location; Winter Countryside seems good. Good luck.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan