From: "Mark Calhoun"
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 12:05:40 -0400

Hello Matthew,

I have been playing DBZ since it came out. I collect and just play mostly for fun. I love reading your articles on POJO.
Many of the people I play DBZ CCG with have a hard time with rules sometimes. Some rules for any game can be confusing and sometimes not a very clear rulebook or FAQ can mitigate that. Can you explain\elaborate to me and your readers some rules? Maybe you could explain some common rules mistakes you see players out there make other than the ones I have listed below?

Thank you,
Mark C. Calhoun

Victory Conditions:

Can a player win by MPP (Most Powerful Personality) if they only have levels 1 to 3 or 4 and the opponent has levels 1 to 5?

Example: I am playing Android 19 levels 1 to 3. My opponent is playing Goku levels 1 to 5. If I get to level 3 before he/she gets to level 5 do I win?

>> The highest level amongst both players is level 5. Since A19 cannot
>> ever reach level 5, he can never win by MPPV. Only Goku can.

Card stacking:

Does having 2 or 3 of the same drill or attached card to your personality add up?

Example: I have 3 Android Attack Drills out and I am using Android 19 as my personality. Do I get the +2 life cards of damage for each of the drills? That would be +6 life cards if so.

>> Yes, you can actually get +6 if you please. Caps like Orange Haulting
>> Drill and Orange Leg Drill do not work together as caps occur first,
>> but when you are adding modifiers like this, you can add on what you
>> want.


When do you keep Dragonballs in your hand?

Example: It is my opponents turn. I am defending this turn. He/she declares combat. I draw a Dragonball. Do I put that card on the bottom of the life deck or do I keep it in my hand? Does it matter which Dragonball it is?

>> You keep it in your hand. If you have to discard it (like Android
>> 18's Staredown, end of turn) and it is already in play (ie your
>> opponent has exact same one), then it is removed from the game. If it
>> is not in play, then it goes to the bottom of your deck.

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