From: "David M"
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2003 21:04:46 -0400

Hi. My name is David, and I would like some advice on my deck. I've been buying DBZ cards for a while, but the only time I play is when my friend comes over. My reason is that I'm joining a League, and I'm not sure how good or bad my deck really is, so, here it is:

MP: Majin Vegita 1, fold-out 2, 3
Blue Style Mastery (Cell Saga)
Earth Dragonballs 1, 2, 3 (buu saga; not sure if I can use it here), 4, 5, and 7
Allies: Kid Trunks; Goku, the Hero; Krillin, the friend
Drills: Blue Breakfall Drill (Saiyan Saga), Blue Prepared Drill (Cell Saga), Trunks Planning Drill (Trunks Saga), Gohan's Swordplay Drill (Buu)
Locations: Protective Shelter (Cell Games Saga), The Other World (Buu Saga)
Non-Combat: Saiyan Saga: Power Up the Most!, Fortify Your Spirit x2, Blazing Anger!, Roshi Training, The Untroubled Mind is Focused King Cold Smiles (Trunks), Capsule Corp. Ship (Cell), Ally Rescue (Cell), Energy Gathering (Buu) Combat Smokescreen (Cell) Physical Attacks Saiyan Saga: Blue Shoulder Wheel, Goku's Surprise Attack x2, Blue Forward Food Sweep, Blue Hip Spring Throw x2, Blue Round Throw Cell Saga: Blue Fist Strike x3, Blue Flight Cell Games Saga: Blue Forced Punch Buu Saga: Blue Belly Kick, Gohan's Sword Thrust x2, Majin Buu's Stomack Throw, Focused Sword Strike, Gohan's Sword Sweep, Gohan's Sword Slash, Majin Head Blow Physical Defense Saiyan Saga: Blue Ground Holding x2, Blue Big Outside Drop x3, Blue Body Drop Throw x2, Blue One-Arm Shoulder Throw Cell Saga: Blue Evasion x2, Blue Backflip, Blue Backflip (not the same as first), Blue Wrist Block Buu Saga: Blue High Block Energy Attacks Saiyan Saga: Earth Dragonball Combat Cell Saga: Tien's Tri-Beam x2 Cell Games Saga: Power Boost Buu Saga: Blue Draining Blast, Blue Energy Cannon Energy Defense Saiyan Saga: Blue Big Whirl Throw x2 Cell Saga: Blue Sliding Dodge x3

Total: 73 cards

As you may be able to tell, this is a physical deck. Since I declared a Tokui-Waza, Majin Vegeta gets 3 PUR, he gets to his highest stage easily, and that benifits with physical attacks, also the Blue Mastery card is good for defending attacks without the right cards. Then, when they get down to 0, physical beatdown begins (one time i did like 12 cards of damage from a physical attack). When Krillin comes into play, his 0 stage attack is useful, also since I declare Blue Mastery. Goku serves for drawing, and Trunks for his attack. And if I can't draw my allies, and I draw The Other World, their all instantly in play, and Protective shelter is good for recycling cards. Thank you so much. I go to the stor every Saturday, and I'm not too despirate for this review, so take your time, and do it when you can.

DBZ Player,

Since you aren't too desperate for a review, here's a quickie one to get you started.

I can't tech this deck. It... can't be done. I mean... what can I suggest? The first thing I would do is make it legal. Majin Vegeta cannot have any allies. Only Majin allies. As a hero, he can't have allies. The second thing I would do is take out cards that don't do anything, like Goku the Hero (you can't use his power, it is When Entering Combat, see page 36 of Buu Rule book). The third thing I would do is... take out all the bad cards.

The only thing I see forming a tiny bit is Blue Dragon Ball (missing #6). You might pull it off with Roshi. Not with MV. And you can use the Buu EDB3, that is perfectly legal, and in fact what I do as well.

I just can't see anything else. This looks like a random throw together of totally random cards. Decks need a purpose before you can do anything with them. If you want to go physical beatdown, run a whole bunch of good physicals with the right selection of support cards. I appreciate your strategy along with your deck, but honestly I can't see anything really forming.

Also, next time you write a deck list, list the cards by type, and note to the side what Saga they are from, only if you are worried they will be incorrectly viewed. SS - Saiyan Saga FS - Frieza Saga TS - Trunks Saga AS - Androids Saga CS - Cell Saga CGS - Cell Games Saga WGS - World Games Saga BS - Babidi Saga MBS - (Majin) Buu Saga IR - Irwin CC - Capsule Corp Power Pack

Those are the ones you'll see the most; there are also the SJ Goku and King Kais and whatnot... don't worry too much, just say they are promos/ubers. Write the cards like this...

Physical Combat
3x Blue Backbreaker - CGS - Judge Promo
3x Blue Round Throw - SS
3x Blue Betrayal - AS
3x Blue Defensive Flight - AS

Energy Combat
1x Blue Terror - AS
3x Blue Draining Blast - MBS

It is just a whole lot easier on my eyes, and much easier to see what cards need to go and what needs to stay.

Work on your game a bit. Read the rule book again, and attempt to go after a theme you want to win by. Develop a strategy to go around that, and search out the best cards to achieve that goal. Don't limit yourself to cards you own. Limit yourself to your imagination; you can do what you put your heart to. I thought that before; now I'm able to build my deck with URs/Ubers to boot. After you've figured out what you want to do with your deck and have come up with a basic deck list, come back if you wish to make it work out. I will try to do my best.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan