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Could you give me a rating on this deck and the cards in it? Can you give me some good advice on what cards should go in and out?


>> I'll do my best. <<


Does Nappa's

Energy Aura, Vegeta's Physical Stance, and cards like those, do they affect both players, or only the person who uses it.


>> The MRP reads: Stop an energy/physical attack, and stops all your

>> opponent's energy/physical attacks for the remainder of combat.

>> Remove from the game after use. Limit 1 per deck. <<


I've also heard that

if I use a personality from the Saiyan saga, and the opponent plays with a personality from the Cell saga, that you switch between physical attack charts. I always thought it stayed the same.


>> Your friend is wrong. Who makes up some stupid rule like that? <<




Maraikoh lv 1 - HT

Maraikoh lv 2 - the Strong

Maraikoh lv 3 - the Mighty


>> This is not a good sign... he's too outdated. <<




Supreme Kai Sensei


>> With no Sensei deck? Wait... no Mastery? <<




x1 Earth Dragonball 3

x1 Earth Dragonball 5

x1 Earth Dragonball 7

x1 Time Chamber Training

x1 King Kai's Thoughts




x1 Black Taunting Attack

x2 Black Defensive Aura

x1 Red Blazing Aura

x1 Super Saiyan Effect

x1 Frieza Smiles

x2 Grappling Stance

x1 Time is a Warrior's Tool

x1 Blue Leaving


Physical Combat (Attack)


x1 Red Palm Heel Stike

x1 Blue Forward Foot Sweep

x2 Goku's Physical Attack

x1 Black Light Jab

x1 Black Defensive Burst

x2 Goku's Battle Ready

x1 Red Driving Jab

x1 Black Overpowering Attack

x1 Hidden Power Level

x1 Black Neck Break

x1 Black Sweeping Strike

x1 Saiyan Power Kick

x1 Red Flight

x1 Black Power Punch

x1 Blue Belly Kick

x2 Blue Round Throw

x1 Blue Back Kick

x1 Blue Flight

x1 Black Hug Manuever


Physical Combat (Blocks)


x1 Blue Evasion

x1 Orange Shoulder Throw

x1 Nappa's Physical Resistance

x1 Vegeta's Physical Stance

x1 Red Offensive Stance

x1 Red Jump

x1 Red Dodge

x1 Blue Palm Shot

x1 Big Blue Outside Drop

x1 Orange Sidestep


Energy Combat (Attacks)


x1 Orange Energy Discharge

x1 Orange Planet Destruction

x1 Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast'

x2 Orange Strike

x2 Red Energy Blast

x2 Frieza's Aura Shot


Energy Combat (Blocks)


x1 Nappa's Energy Aura

x1 Orange Energy Deflection

x2 Saiyan Defensive Stance

x1 Blue Sliding Dodge

x2 Red Energy Shield



Okay now... I don't need to read much more. You're suffering from yet the same problem infinite people who email me decks on Pojo suffer from. Lack of focus.


You can't throw random cards together and expect them to make a deck good. Here we've got a bad MP, random pointless commons and uncommons, and basically no theme. I have no clue what you're trying to accomplish with this deck, especially with all the singles and whatnot.


You need to back up and take a broader look. What are you trying to do to win? Beatdown via physicals? Then you need more physical attacks that are stronger and have better effects, and choose a style to help complement that. Black, Red, and Saiyan are decent options. Choose a Mastery and MP that mesh with the playstyle.


I don't know what to tell you... hopefully you'll be able to backtrack, regroup, and make a deck not based on cards you own. Remember I tech decks with the idea that you own nearly any card created because then you can actually make a good deck. And thus, if you don't have the card, you can go find it. Simple as that.


Your rating would be like 1.2 out of 10, with 10 being the best, simply because you hit a couple staples and from the quick look your deck isn't illegal.


I don't know if I hit all the points but if read up on most of my other articles on decks that have no focus, you'll get the same basic message I'm trying to tell everyone. Don't jump in and think you're going to make the best deck ever. Sit down, read the cards, and think about what you're trying to do first. Then you can branch out and make something amazing.


Good luck.



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