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From: Charles Agnew

Date:Fri, 9 Jul 2004 21:01:03 -0700 (PDT)


Hi Matt. My name is Charles Agnew. I like reading your reports and stuff on pojo and was wondering if you could take a look at my deck. I'm looking at a Black hand/deck control deck. I need some black cards that removes cards from the discard pile for my mastery. Tell me what I need to make this deck awsome. I think I'll enter a big tournament one day if i can get it good enough. It would help if you told me the saga the cards you recommend are from because some of the ultra rares and saga cards I'm not familiar with. Thanks


>> I donít usually have all the time to mention everything, so take the

>> names of the cards I mention and take a trip to

>> Throw the names into the card search and youíll see what the cards

>> are. Youíve got to do some of the work too. <<

p.s. it might seem like i have no energy blocks, but most of them are combat/event cards.

>> Iím smarter than you think ;). Iíll figure it out. Hopefully. <<

85 cards


Black Energetic Mastery


West Kai Sensei

Black Energy Swirl x 1


>> West Kai is a terrible Sensei now. Switch to North Kai IMO. And run

>> cards in your sensei deck like Front Punch, Pivot Kick, Scout

>> Maneuver, Backbreaker, HUH???, and so forth. <<



Vegeta_baby saga

Vegeta, Super Saiyan

Vegeta, the Last Prince


>> Vegeta is interesting. I can understand you wanting to use his HT 3 because that level is just nasty to get to. But, your weakness is if you do that, youíll be weak to 1-3 anger decks with a lack of a level 4 and 5. Your call.


Iíd run Vegeta the Saiyan Level 1 and Vegeta Settled Down Level 2. Player Preference.


I donít see your Battleground or Location anywhere.



Drangon balls

alt. namek # 3

alt. namek # 7


>> Run Namek 4. <<



A hero's heart is strong x 1

Foreboding Evidence x 1

Expectant Trunks x 1

Android 20's Search Pattern x 2

Bulma's looking Good x 2

Cell Smiles x 1

Black Domination x 2

Black Searching Technique x 3


>> Toss AHHIS into the Sensei. Otherwise good options; Iíd switch Smiles with a Domination, and consider Geezer Patrols to mix up the Searching Techniques.

The Search Patterns are odd though. <<



Black Smoothness Drill x 1

black conservation drill x 1

black shifting drill x 1

vegeta's quickness drill x 1

black covert operations drill x 1

black coolness drill x 1


>> Youíll be leveling like a madman so you wonít need Drills. Only one

>> Iíd keep around is VQD. <<



meanacing evil x 3

black energy dodge x 2

black combat defense x 3

trunks energy sphere x 1

epic battle of saiyans x 1

time is a warrior's tool x 1

black gambit x 1

super saiyan effect x 1


>> 3 TES sir. Donít forget your staples like Cellís Threatening Position, Android 17 Smirks, Android 18ís Staredown, Dazed, The Power of the Dragon, Battle Pausing, and cards of the like.


Black Combat Defense and Black Energy Dodge are terrible. Iíd run Black Crosscheck and Black Fallback over them. <<


Energy Attacks

black uber blast x 3

black full force impact x 3


>> I donít like Uber Blast that much. Iíd run Broly Blast, Friezaís

>> Fierce Detonation, Chaos Detonation, and maybe ones that block

>> attacks like Precise Aim. <<


Energy Defense

black flight x 3

general rilldo's force field x 1


>> Interruption. <<


Physical Attacks

black overpowering attack x 3 Ė WeakÖ

black clash x 3

black power strike x 3

black face slap x 2

black vengeful impact x 3

black fist lock x 3

black side thrust x 2 Ė Odd.

black drop kick x 1

majin vegeta's frantic attack x 2

black leg drop x 1

broly's dashing punch x 1


>> Youíve got some really random cards like Black Power Strike and Black

>> Fist Lock. Replace the weak stuff with Black Interruption, Black Body

>> Destruction, and Black Flying Kick. Leg Drops are decent. Maybe some

>> hand discard like Black Right Kick and possibly Deadly Crush. <<


Physical Defense

trunks swiftly moving x 3 Ė Nah.

black buffer x 3 - -_-

black agile reaction x 2 - -_-

black restraint x 1 - -_-

vegeta's physical stance x 1

nappa's physical resistance x 1

black buffer block x 1 Ė Obviously 3.


>> If you need blocks, try out Pikkonís Leg Catch. That should be enough

>> with your omnis and the dual purpose cards. <<




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