Subject: Re: Please help me with my Red Gohan Anger

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From: Anakin16
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 19:30:33 EDT

Hey there Matt!

This is a great deck and is fun to use even though most people find Red to be a cheap color, and I admit I am one of them. Can you tell me what is right and what is wrong with this deck and offer some suggestions? I highly appreciate it.

Main Personality
Level 1- Gohan (Non- Hitek) MBS
Level 2- Gohan, the Swift CS
Level 3- Gohan, the Mighty CS
Level 4- Gohan, Mystic Empowered MBS

Level 5 Gohan, Earth’s Protector

Mastery and Sensei

Majin Buu Saga Red Style Mastery

West Kai Sensei (WGS)

Sensei Deck

2x Release (MBS)
1x HUH?

Attacks- Physical
2x Red Overbearing Attack (Promo) - In anger you need 3.
3x Red Double Strike (WGS) - Sure.
3x Red Face Upheaval (TS) - If you fear nons this much, sure.
2x Red Power Rush (TS) - In anger no.
1x Red Flight (CS) - Terrible card. Feed it to your dog.
1x Red Knee Bash (AS) - Outdated.
1x Red Power Strike (CS) - Bookmark worthy.
3x Red Lightning Slash (TS) - Good, also try out Anihilation.
3x Red Face Strike (TS) - Bookmark.
2x Red Knife Hand (SS) - Bookmark.
2x Red Palm Heel Strike (SS) - Ditto.
2x Red Reverse Punch (SS) - Ditto.
2x Red Eye Laser Assault (TS) - In anger, run 3.

>> You seem to missing the point. Physical +3 raise anger 1 are terrible cards. Those should never be in anger without a good effect. Try out Red Axe Heel Kick, Whiplash, Back Kick, Face Slap. Those are pretty good.

Attacks- Energy
2x Red Energy Charge (AS)
3x Red Energy Blast (TS)
1x Red Energy Rings (BS)
1x Red Rapid Energy (FuS)

>> 3 Energy Blasts, maybe Vigor Orb for tech, 1 Trunks Makes Himself Clear, 3 Ginyu Energy, you should be set.

Blocks- Physical
3x Red Passive Block (MBS) - depends
3x Red Defensive Jump (CS) - Terrible
1x Red Jump (CS) - Heck no.
1x Red Counterstrike (AS) - Not in anger.
3x Red Forearm Block (BS) - Nah.
1x Red Dodge (CS) - Prob pass.
1x Red Offensive Stance (CS) - Passive Block better.
1x Red Side Step (CS) - Terrible.
2x Red Power Block (MBS) - Prob not.
3x Red Fist Catch (MBS) - Nah.

>> Blocking Hand, maybe Passive Block, Goku's Flight... something like that. Should be set.

Blocks- Energy
3x Red Escape (BS) - I like this card a lot, but you could probably live without it in anger.
3x Red Rapid Deflection (FuS) - Cheater. Limit 1 per deck.
3x Red Energy Defensive Stance (WGS) - Sure.
3x Red Resistance (BS) - Heck no.
2x Red Slide (BS) - Nah. No anger.
2x Red Energy Shield (TS) - Fun card. Doubt there's room but fun.

>> Try out Energy Ricochet and staples like Aura. <<

By- Matt

"I won't watch this anymore!" - Gohan, as he ascends

Red 1-5 anger is not that cheap. There are much cheaper wins in this game, mainly Backlash first turn or random, and so forth.

Your personality is a bit off. For anger, I would either go with SS or IR 1, CS 2, CS HT 3, MBS 4, and either 5.

Wait... MBS Mastery? That's a typo right. It better be -_-. That Mastery I have not seen any deck use yet. It doesn't fit any theme I've seen.
And your Sensei... West Kai is nice to get rid of Victorious Drill in Anger. You could go with North Kai though instead, and just level quickly, then search out Red Energy Blast with your level 2 power.

You really need to fill your Sensei Deck. Try out cards like Red Sniping Shot, Red Pressured Attack, Black Scout Manuever... SOMETHING.

I will address your attacks/blocks above.

You have a long way to go. You are missing the point of the game, mainly because of the poor choice of mastery and weak cards, where you could easily just add another Overbearing Attack and it would be a whole lot better than a Phys +3 raise your anger 1. That and you are missing Location/Battleground, and Dragon Balls. I normally run a set of DBs in my anger for backup and nice draw ability.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan