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Ok.  So, i'm a little confused with the rules i think.  I started in the

Trunks Saga, and stopped before the Android Saga.


>> So wait, are just starting back up now? Man, you weren't in the game very long... and missed the best set in the game, Androids!



        But,  what i meant on Dazed and Time are that they both prevent

damage being done, except that Time is for the whole turn and Dazed is

for two turns.  But another question i have is can you play combat cards

if they have the starburst for defense? That might sound confusing, but

if my opponent plays a physical attack, can I respond with a Red Blazing

Aura from the Trunks Saga? 


>> Dazed forces your opponent to pass. Time stops an attack. They are not related in the least bit. Dazed doesn't stop an attack, rather it forces your opponent not be able to take an action. Dazed does NOT prevent damage from being done. It prevents your opponent from doing anything.

The starburst means nothing, so pretend they are not there.

Remember the standard rule for using a card as a defense: If the card stops an attack, or prevents damage, then it is used as a defense. Red Blazing Aura is used as a defense.



        And actually, I think that Time is a Warriors Tool actually says

Stops all attacks from an opponenet in this combat.  Limit 1 per deck.

And that card also has a starburst symbol.  So once again, if my opponent

plays an attack, can i play that in response, or would i have to use it

as my turn.  I didn't mean that Dazed and Time were related, i just meant

that they both prevented damage to you, and Time prevents for a longer

amount of time than Dazed does.  Also, Dazed is a rare, and Time is a

common.  Maybe that clears some things on it.  If not, tell me.


>> I know that Dazed is a rare, and Time is a common. Who really cares. They are not related as I mentioned before.

This is the text on the Most Recent Printing of Time is A Warrior's Tool:

Power: Stops a physical or energy attack. Stops all of your opponent's physical and energy attacks for the remainder of Combat. Limit 1 per deck.


You must of been out for a while to not know that Time was reprinted in the Capsule Corp Power Pack 1. This is the text that was supposed to be on the original Time. It was reprinted to help people understand it better.


Time is a defense like I mentioned above, and thus it can only be played as a defense. Defenses can never be played during your "Attacker Attacks" phase unless it says so otherwise on the card.


Dazed is an attack because it does not prevent damage or stop an attack.



        Sorry for all the questions, but i just bought some more packs,

and i was wondering about a few things. 


        I was under the impression that Non-Combat cards are discarded

when you switch levels.  So what are so great about drills? They only

last a few turns. 


>> Drills are amazing because smart people know how to keep them out. It is called Orange Focusing Drill and Freestyle Mastery MBS. But otherwise, yes, drills only last a couple turns because there is a ton of drill hate going around, but note at least you get them for a few turns, while regular non-combats you only use once. And besides, if you can capitalize on the few turns they are out, then you can easily gain an advantage.

Non-Combat cards are not discarded when you switch levels. Only Drills are.

And remember you can think outside the box. Remember some characters don't run anger and don't want to switch levels, so they play a ton of Drills and stick around on level 1.



Also, if you do discard Non-Combats when you switch

levels, then on Goku's Heart Disease from the Android Saga, it says

"Place this card on your opponent's Main Personality.  Your opponent

lowers his anger to 0 and may not raise his anger level until he places

an Ally in play.  Discard this card when your opponent places an Ally in

play.  Limit 1 per deck.  Remove from game after use." So does it get

discarded when I raise a level, when my opponent raises, or only when he

places an Ally into play. 


>> Well you don't discard nons when you level. It gets discarded if he gets an ally out or it gets discard/removed by a card effect (like Blue Betrayal, Stupid Tricks).



        Another question.  If I stop combat, do I keep my cards, or only

if it says so on the card?


>> If you end combat, treat it as a double pass. Both players discard down to one card unless the card says otherwise.


        Last question.  I just pulled "Kami's Floating Island"( A

location), and it says "When entering combat, draw a card". And I just

wanted to know, does that affect only me, or both players.  Hey, Thanks a

lot.  I really appreciate it.


>> All locations and battlegrounds affect both players. That's how the work. You bought an Androids pack, and thus read the insert that came in the pack. You apparently didn't.




I hope that clears things up a bit.



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