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Hi Matthew.† I'm sure you have a ton of other decklists to look through, but I thought I would send you one of mine anyway.† I always enjoy reading your edits of other people's lists and decided I would send you one this time.† I don't think it needs that much work, but I'd like to see what you think.† I wil possibly be running this at Focused Worlds this year.


>> See you there.

Cutting it kind of close arenít ya? ;) <<


Anyway, here goes...



1.† Super Android 17

2.† Super Android 17, the Wicked

3.† Super Android 17, the Mighty

4.† Super Android 17, the Completed

5.† Super Android 17, the Indestructible


>> I find it interesting that youíre not using the HT level 1. One variation Iíve run into with SA17 in Red Blazing is using the HT with Red Essence Eruption Drill. Once you level to 2, quite a few characters wonít be able to steal from you. Once you ascend to even higher levels, your DBs will almost be untouchable via damage.


Just a little thought. You donít have to use it though.† <<



Red Blazing Mastery



3xRed Blowback

3xRed Toe Pierce

3xRed Cell's Rush Down

3xRed Face Snap

3xRed Holdup

3xHercule's Crescent Punch

3x Red Double Guard

1xMasterful Defense


>> Nothing to really argue with here. Red Blowback might be hard to pull

>> off if you donít run instant regeneration to deal with your freestyle

>> cards. <<



3xRed Personal Vendetta

3xRed Special Beam Cannon

3xRed Cell's Sneaky Attack

3xRed Uncontrolled Salvo

3xRed Hasty Release

3xRed Palm Deflection

4xSuper Android 17's Absorption

1xGeneral Rildo's Force Field


EVENT (17)

3xRed Cell's Evil Plans

2xRed Cracked Balls

2xRed Invasion Ė Iíd honestly run 3 just in case you run into a deck that stops all your Red attacks. Just a player preference.

3xMenacing Evil

2xIt's the Inside that Counts

1xMark of the Dragon

3xRed Bolstered Defense

1xEpic Battle of Saiyans


>> I like Remembering the Good Times for some regen/discard pile

>> removal. <<


SETUP (10)

3xRed Remorse

1xDragon Radar

1xFinal Breath

1xTrunks Reconstruction

1xA Simple Wish

1xRed Shaving Drill

1xRed Essence Eruption Drill

1xVegeta's Quickness Drill


>> Believe it or not Iím going to recommend running at least 1 Black Smoke Dragon, if not two. You will run into decks that are straight DB, and they will out DB you seeing youíre 85 card. This deck here is not straight Ball. Itís beatball, so you can easily still win if you get Smoke Dragon. Basically what Iím trying to say isÖ remove one of your two victory conditions to destroy other deckís only victory condition.

Also remember you donít have to put it out if you donít want to.


Surprise Gift is also a nice card.




1.† Black Star Dragon Ball 1

2.† Black Star Dragon Ball 2

3.† Black Star Dragon Ball 3

4.† Black Star Dragon Ball 4

5.† Black Star Dragon Ball 5

6.† Black Star Dragon Ball 6

7.† Black Star Dragon Ball 7


TOTAL (85)


I'm possibly interested in adding another "A Simple Wish".† That's probably overdoing it, but this card has some nice combo potential.† Try this scenario.† It's your turn and you draw Black Star Dragon Ball 3 and Red Cell's Evil Plans or Red Special Beam Cannon.† You play DB 3 and draw/shuffle 3 cards.† Enter combat, use A Simple Wish (assuming there are 2 other DB's in play already) and shuffle them back in.† Use Red Cell's Evil Plans and search for DB 3 again.† There's 3 more cards.† Think that will make for a good combat?† I think this deck is more likely to win by beatdown than DB victory so this might come in handy.


>> Alright. Very interesting deck and very well built. Couple things I

>> wanted to bring upÖ


Youíve got the basics down. Nothing glaring is coming to mind that youíre missing. However, I feel like this deck doesnít have nearly enough defense than it should have. 4 Physical, 8 Energy, 4 Omni. I donít think I could run that little even in Expanded. A ton of Focused is about blocks believe it or not. It isnít easy to hit an attack in Focused with all the good blocks out there (hence the recommendation of a third Red Invasion). Some decks deal most of their damage through blocks, like Black Crosscheck.


You probably have the right about of energy blocks if you throw a few more omni defenses in, but thatís not enough physical blocks. Youíre not an ally deck so Iíd run some more. Sure base damage against you wonít be much, but if you ever get stuck at zero, your DBs are going to be gone quickly. And as you well know, if your opponent steals a DB like Black Star 3, that could mean trouble.


Anyway, your combo isÖ well not something to rely on. Your combo is often used in Expanded in the form of Gokuís DB Quest. Some people like to use Quest to get Dende Ball 3, then Quest for Dende Ball 2 and shuffle Ball 3 back in. Then use some other method of pulling a Ball and get 3 back with QuestÖ something like that.

Itís not bad; drawing 6 cards is not a bad thing. You canít rely on it because the draws will be random and you donít know if youíll be drawing attacks. However, I recommend you playtest. Generally if youíre going for the Ball win you wonít want to shuffle them back in. Also, do you think youíll have 3 DBs around when you need them? If thatís a yes, by all means employ that combo. Only you will know, not me.


I also believe you should run a bit of discard pile removal and regeneration. Itís important just because certain decks rely on certain cards, and youíll need to get rid of them, or stop decks from leveling. DB 5 is a start, along with Remembering the Good Times.


Have fun with this. It looks pretty good. <<


Your thoughts on this deck would be much appreciated.



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