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From: Psoccer191

Date:  Thu, 8 Jul 2004 16:22:08 EDT


Here's my idea for a twist on two ideas. Tell me if this will work:

1 Piccolo Sensai( Huh, 2 Breakthrough Drills, 2 Black Scout Maneuver, Earth Spirit Bomb)

1 Saiyan Supreme Mastery

1- 5 Gohan( The good ones) - How do I know if you know what the good ones are?


1 D.Y.J.H.T                                     

1 T.T.U.F.O

1 Stop

1 Saiyan Truce

1 Saiyan Power Block

1 T.E.S. - O_O *faints*

1 Startled - see above

1 Dazed

1 Pure Def.

1 Saiyan Exitement

1 Fond Memories

1 Unexpected Allies

1 P.O.T.D.

1 S.S.E.

1 G.R.F.F.

1 F.F.B.

1 N.E.A.

1 M.D

1 V.P.S. - Your allies should be doing the work on physicals.

1 N.P.R

1 E.B.O.T.S.

1 T.I.A.W.T

1 E.D.Q

1 Victorious Drill

1 Energy Lob

1 Initiative

1 Hero's Lucky Break

1 Trunks Reconstruction

1 Where There's Life, There's Hope

1 Oolong

1 Yajirobi

1 Jewel

1 Dende(GT)

1 Vegeta(Baby Saga)

1 Videl(GT)

1 Chi-Chi(GT)

1 Goten(GT)

1 Pan(Baby Saga)

1 Elder Kai

2 C.O.D.

2 G.O.H.

2 C.O.E.

2 Winter Countryside

2 Saiyan Sweeping Defense

2 Saiyan Planet Explosion

2 Saiyan Stop

3 Energy Gathering

3 The Help of Earth

3 Powerful Followers

3 Saiyan Charged Kamehameha

3 Saiyan Running Kamehameha

3 Saiyan Power Punch

1-7 Namek DBs


The idea is Energy Lob Vic. Drill right off the bat for EDQ, then get the DBs and wait seven turns on that. Then, if that fails, you can also choose to win

with Spirit Bomb while distracting them with DBs.   If that fails, you can

always life deck them with your attacks and Allies. I need to know if this would work, so please email me before Sunday, July 11th.




This is going to be short.


You're running a few useless allies (Jewel) and some incorrect ones (Vegeta S17 is much better, Goten is just... I dunno, fun but depends on how many nons you have out). I'd also run more allies, and remember, you can run level 2 allies because you're on level 2 to start out.


You're not really focused toward one way to win, that's the thing. I can understand where you're going though, and while it will work in theory, you'll still need to look at the big picture. Consider throwing in 3 ZWG so you can Energy Lob for either ZWG or EDQ (you'll need to run 3 EDQ as well). Since you do have dual victory, you can probably get away with running 2 of each.


With that in mind, you'll need to maximize on key cards to help both victories, like Saiyan Power Punch, Truce Card, and Excitement.


It's going to be hard to stall 7 turns for EDQ victory with all the ally based cards getting in the way (Running Burst, Charged Kamehameha, etc). What you could try to do is set off EDQ, and then base your deck off mainly ally beats with EDQ being used for the effects of the Namek DBs (or you could consider using the messed up broken Black Star DBs). EDQ ball out other Ball decks because they won't let you ally beats them (unless you fit in some Gohan's Kicks).


You've also got some weak cards (e.g. Saiyan Sweeping Defense) and some that don't fit (physical stop alls). Oh, and just curious... what happens if your opponent steals one of your DBs... you're in trouble then if they avoid combat ;). Earth DB Captures are needed.


Good luck.

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