From: Cldstf16
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 21:00:31 EDT

Saiyan Beatdown:


Goku the Hero
Goku the Saiyan
Goku, Earth's Hero
Goku, Super saiyan Ascended
Goku the Legendary

Mastery. Saiyan Style Majin Buu Saga.

Sensei: South Kai

Sensei Deck:
GOku's Blinding Strike X1
Saiyan Headshot X1
Saiyan Pressure technique x3


Chi Chi SS
Gohan the Champion

Energy Blocks:
Goku's Swiftly Moving x3
Saiyan Hand Swipe x3
Nappa's Energy Aura

Energy Attacks:

Saiyan Strength Blast x2
Saiyan Ki Ball x2
Saiyan energy Bomb x2
Saiyan Energy Toss x1 (only one I have)
Gohan's Nimbus Cloud x1
Heroic Kamehameha x3
Saiyan Power Blast x 2

Physical Blocks:
Saiyan Wrist Block x3
Saiyan Lightning Dodge x 3
Trunks Swiftly Moving x 3
Vegeta's Physical Stance
Pikkon's Leg Catch x3

Physical Attacks:

Gohan's Heroic Uppercut x3
Saiyan Direct Strike x3
Saiyan Destiny x 3
Saiyan Triple Kick x 2
Saiyan Cross Punch x 3
Saiyan Heads Up x2
Gohan's Kick x3
Saiyan Power Rush x 3
Saiyan Flying Kick x 3
Goku's Physical Attack x 2

Saiyan Truce Card
TES x 3
Confrontation x 3
Battle Pausing
Super Saiyan Effect

Non Combats:
Don't You Just Hate that
Play Fighting
Saiyan Inspection x 2
Fatherly Advice

Location: King Kai's New home.

Ok here's the deal. This is beatdown, pure and simple. Though designed for
Tuff Enough
it's designed under standard for now with none of the tech against the other

Let me explain my reasoning here.

Heroic Kamehameha: Majin Buu beatdown it the only problem I've had so far
with this and
when I added that I can keep him off of those High regen levels a bit easier.

King Kai's new Home: It's Very rare that I'll enter combat with more than 5
cards (aside
from when I truce card) and this will block all the Cell Jr Namekian WGS
decks that seem
to be poping up.

For standard and TE... ok.

Your MP levels are fine. I'm sure you want to have SS3 Goku though.

You have an interesting choice of Sensei. South to get ChiChi I bet. You might want to consider North to help shutdown some Drill decks or Roshi since he tacks onto all your attacks, but then again ChiChi helps a lot in the long run, allowing you to go all out attack and run less blocks. I would play test and see what fits you best.

Sensei Deck... I would definitely run HUH??? for Standard. Personally I don't like Saiyan Pressure Technique, especially with your limited Sensei Deck. It is nice with Cross Punch though. I would recommend Hero's Drill to possibly remove a DB, or even Breakthrough Drill, but you level pretty fast.

Energy Blocks... well... I must say this surprises me. Saiyan Planet Exposion, Focus, Frieza's Force Bubble, and Goku's Energy Absorption are the ones I would use. Most of your Saiyan Energies are in here for the secondary effect. You'll need Planet Explosion to stall against Piccolo Namekian. You might not need Focus. For your Saiyan Deck, I would run all those energies. It doesn't seem to fit the flow of the Saiyan Style. Saiyan Power Beam go stay in. Energy Bomb... great in theory, but it has to be the last attack you use unless you can draw the cards you place on top. Strength Blast is ok, but it won't do much against Freestyle Mastery (can't discard drills) and Orange (only gets Focusing). Saiyan Energy Toss is good in theory, but you'll be facing some Buu decks and you won't be having a high PL very often. That's the problem with those cards. I mean, if you manage to stay at high PLs, Saiyan Surprise, Charge, and Cliff Slam are nice. Heroic Kamehameha... nice to use a tech, but I wouldn't use it in a major tourney. I'd rather go with Krillin's Solar Flare.

For Saiyan Physical Blocks, consider Blocking Technique and of course the all mighty Power Block. Swiftly Moving seems iffy to me. VPS does as well. Other than that, looks ok. Try out a few Omni Blocks that can stop a Solar Flared Backlash.

Saiyan Triple Kick is weak. Saiyan Direct Strike has nice Endurance but isn't that strong an attack. You probably won't need Heads Up with those energy attacks (then again anti-noncombat is always nice). Saiyan Power Rush doesn't excite me either. I'd rather go with stuff like Face Stomp and Power Kick. You have some anti Drill in Strength Blast, but you'll need stuff to remove. Freestyle Mastery will own you if you don't have some. There are a lot of options you can go here. Saiyan doesn't have a ton of strong attacks, but what it does have is strength in numbers, as in card draw. When Majin Buu's Fury come out in a rage, pick up three of those and throw them in. You run mostly attacks, and that card will help you immensly.

Your Combats look good. Power of the Dragon should be added for Standard. You might want to consider a few Are You Tuff Enuffs for Tuff Enuff just for the added endurance and ability to jump levels. A little Non-Combat defense can't hurt, and you'll probably need a big anti-ally card like Cell's Presence to deliver the bomb to decks like those.

Play Fighting is interesting and very smart to get that anger. I would put in a Where There's Life There's Hope and even Victorious Drill just for that one/two turns. Saiyan Inspection just owns.

I would add one DB, and my choice would be EDB7. The ability to turn the game around with this card is just uncanny.

One King Kai's New Home isn't enough. You should run at least two. That and Nimbus will then be enough. You also might want to consider running a few different locations like Winter Countryside (anti anger, remember you gain one anger at a time most of the time). World Tournament might help as well.

Saiyan has a lot of options, and if you can get up there high in levels, many of the Broly promos change from a useless physical to a great removal tool. Try some of them out. Your main problem will be with Buu; if you can get around him, then I would definitely run many of the strong ones to deal with foes like Piccolo the Trained and Roshi. Those strong attacks should be played over many of the weak ones like Saiyan Triple Kick.

Try that out. I hope that helped a bit. I'm not that strong on Saiyan knowledge, but hopefully that made enough sense. Good Luck!

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan