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From: Royce Flores
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 12:17:47 -0700 (PDT)

hey matt,
i have a deck line up i wanted to send you (pre
your cards) that i would like you to look at and tell
me what you think, also what you feel i could take out
for the "Oh so powerful" broly subset cards the deck
needs so desperately,

you know already, its broly beat down, saiyan,
here we go,

Broly the calm
Broly super saiyan
broly super saiyan

cell saiyan style

South Kai sensei! (he will eventually get paragus)
-saiyan headshot
-saiyan pressure technique x's 2
-saiyan onslaught
-black scout manuver

Non combats:
Frieza is ready
alt earth 3
edb 4
edb 5

Time is a warriors tool
Battle pauseing
cell's defense
super saiyan effect

Physical combat:
2 saiyan direct strike - Not too bad, but not the greatest. Decent endurance and damage. 2 saiyan gut kick - This gets out a DB right? Can be deadly if used at the right time. 1 saiyan escape - Dunno, never really been a fan. 3 saiyan blitz - Looks ok, the anger should help. 3 saiyan prepaired smash - Dunno, just seems this is a weaker link. 3 saiyan power kicks 3 saiyan face stomps - Decent, I think Direct Strike is better 3 saiyan hurricane kicks - Ok, useful if you play some dead cards you want to ditch 3 saiyan face smashes - not the greatest card, but has a few uses. Can be cut. 3 saiyan destiny - Of course, as always 3 saiyan flying tackle - Dunno, this card is kinda weak if you ask me. 3 saiyan snap kick - Never been a fan. 3 saiyan flying kicks - Decent. 3 saiyan neckbreakers - Can be used for endurance, the clause after Empower is strange. 3 saiyan cross punches - Broke... lol. 1 saiyan suprise - Well, if you find yourself being more powerful a lot, you might want to up this number for good ally tech. 1 saiyan cliff slam - Read above, seeing Saiyan has next to no non-combat tech. 1 saiyan clothesline - Same deal here. 1 saiyan broly smash - I'd probably run 3 of these, sweet card, better than Cliff Slam. 2 gokus physical attacks - You aren't Goku, so these won't help much. If you really want to, Goku's Training and Cell's Backslap do the trick. Maybe Saiyan Charge... 3x Gohan's Kick...

energy combat:
1 saiyan setup - you could probably go without this.
1 broly's might - Probably run 3, yeah, run 3.
3 saiyan might - if you need the anger, why not.
2 saiyan strength blast - Sure, great tech card.
1 saiyan ki ball - Depends on number of Saiyan Surprise and amount of ally tech you want. 3 saiyan triple blast - Can work, if room permits. I'd try out 3x Saiyan Power Beam. Mastery shutdown is very prevalent.

phsycial stops:
3 trunks swiftly moving - Probably not.
2 saiyan wrist blocks - Decent
1 saiyan blocking technique - Decent
1 nappas physical resistance - ok
1 vegetas physical stance - ok (remember this gets screwed over by Kick) 1 saiyan perfect defense I'd try out some blocks like Pikkon's Leg Catch and Goku's Quick Dodge/Flight.

energy stops:
2 energy ricochet
1 frieza's force bubble
1 nappas energy aura
1 saiyan elusion
Nice choices. Try out Saiyan Planet Explosion. Your deck doesn't base off of energies, and a few mass blocks and you might be set.

well there it is, maybe you could post this deck
debacle on your pojo dojo,

thanks alot sensei low!


LOL. I should make a Matthew Low Sensei... that card would own...

Ok Royce, let's see...

First off Broly 1-3 anger/physical beatdown hybrid is great, but of course we want to go with the Broly subset Level 1 because that generally levels faster. The Level 2 from the Movie and Level 3 from the subset are great choices for some beatdown.

Your Mastery is great; card advantage is a really big key right now.

South Kai is a great choice if you want the quick anger gain w/ Paragus to stall out Victorious Drill and any of the other million anger lowerers. For your Sensei Deck, I'd go with... 1x Saiyan Headshot 1x HUH??? 2x Black Scout Maneuver 1x Saiyan Pressure Technique

This is because HUH??? is needed for DB tech, and Black Scout will take care of many cards that can easily ruin you. Headshot is just plain good, and we'll toss in a Pressure Technique for good measure.

Non-Combats - Here we need a little work. I'm not going to mention the really hard stuff to find, but to start off, I'd go with 1 Expectant Trunks, 1 Frieza is Ready, and 1 Foreboding Evidence.

Dragon Balls - Earth is a powerful set. In your case, I'd use Alt Earth 3 (just plain good), Earth 5 (effects are awesome, big hands = big combat), and Earth 7 (this card wins games, literally).

O_O Only 3 Combat cards. We need a little work done here bud! You are so silly... you know you need 3 Android 18's Staredown, 3 Trunks Energy Sphere... but you aren't running them... silly. Add in a Cell's Threatening Position, Dazed, Power of the Dragon, and Saiyan Truce Card... I think I named them all...

Attacks... this will be easier commenting next to the cards themselves, so scroll up. Same w/ defenses.

Good luck sir! This will work... have fun with this! You are on the right track by far!

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan