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Date:† Sun, 15 Aug 2004 14:56:11 -0700 (PDT)


Hey matt. Please Tech this when you get the chance.


Goku 1 CS

Goku 2 CS

Goku 3 CS HT

Goku 4 SDS?

Goku 5 MBS

Goku 6


>> If youíre Black Energetic, Iíd run the level 1, 2 and 3 Blank HTs. Iíd assume youíd go with the Baby level 2 and Shadow Dragon 1 and 3. This allows you to use a Backer that could help you in the long run. It will also give you nice base damage and 16 stages to boot. Iíve seen variations using Black Domination and Black Clash, but I tend to steer toward the ones that use Gokuís Chin Break or Energy Spray, which both respectively can be a pain.

The new level 4 is sweet.





Black Energetic Mastery



North Kai Sensei


Sensei Deck:

BSM x3

Black Front Punch x3

Black Pivot kick x3

Huh??? x1

Breakthrough Drill x1 or 2? not sure yet


>> One thing youíre not doing is running cool cards in your Sensei deck

>> like True Face of Evil. Now you shouldnít ever have problems with

>> putting stuff in the Sensei because you can always throw Fades in

>> there. If need be, throw random stuff like anti-anger attachers,

>> Stunned, mass non-combat hateÖ anything. You do know you can run

>> anything in your Sensei right? <<



City x3



Fatherly Advice x1



Black Coolness drill x1

Black Smoothness Drill x1

VQG x1

Victorious Drill x1


>> Coolness/Smoothness will be discarded too soon via Energetic Mastery.

>> Youíll be fine without them. <<



Cell's Presence x1

TES x3

Time x1


Black Command x3


Confrontation x3

Champs of Earth x3


>> CP can go into the Sensei. You should try to fit in 3 Black Evil Glare as the new TES can discard cards, which can help via Energetic MasteryÖ or just plain help.

A couple other events like Dazed and POTD might help you out, but thatís your call. <<


Physical Combat:



Masterful defense

Black Focal Point x3

Black Buffer Block x3

Black Fallback x3

Black Face Slap x3

Black body destruction x3

Black Swivel Attack x3

Black Interruption x3

Black Clash x3

Black Leg Drop x3

Gohan's Kick x3


>> I still personally donít like running physical stop alls in Expanded,

>> but thatís your call. I think Face Slap is a bit outdated though, but

>> if you can fit in it Iím not stopping you. Consider Black Flying Kick

>> instead. <<


Energy Combat:

Goten's Straight beam x1

Rildo's Force Field


Black Diamond Throw x3

Black Frieza's Fierce Detonation x3

Black Flight x3

Black Full Force Impact x3

Black Uber Blast x3

Black Chaos Detonation x3


>> Thereís a new Black Masked attack that is a Chaos DetonationÖ itís

>> messed up good. Try that out. Also try to fit in 3 Black Broly Blast

>> because random hands for your opponent is fun. If you need room,

>> Diamond Throws can be taken out. Oh, and Black Tunneling Technique is

>> fun. <<


Dekc Count- 86 (not sure what to take out yet)


>> Make those changes, and see from there. I think your weaknesses are a major lack of board removal and no DB. Iíd try to fit in a Namek 4, and then maybe Majin Destruction and Maniacal Blinding Slash. Drills are for the Weak could help too. City is very good, but if your opponent can get around those, it should be quite easy for your opponent to walk all over you if they can get their board control down.

Good luck. <<



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