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From: Charles Young

i was looking through your book "pojo's unofficial dragonball z cards
simplified" and was looking at 1 of the available deck ideas and 1 card is
"orange scatter shot" and i was looking on alot of sites but could not find
it even on i am just wondering if there was a typo or
something and if u could clariffy what it is going on. thx fer your time.

That deck you are reading has a lot of really bad cards in it. But Orange Scatter Shot is one of the actual good ones, and you should run 3 if you can.

Orange Scatter Shot does this:
Energy Attack doing 5 life cards of damage. If you declared a Tokui-Waza, this stays on the table to be used one more time this combat. Remove from the game after use.

This card is available in the Capsule Corp Power Pack 1. You might be able to find some at your local card shop.

If you ever have questions on cards, feel free to email me or go to That website has a much better selection of cards.

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