Subject: Updated Majin Vegeta Black TS Beatdown ---------- Original Message ---------------------------------- From: "keith morris
ok first i dont know if you got around to my deck or not but when you do i dont really want you to look at the old version since its really old but here's some changes i want to do or think would help aside from the changes i have already made. and one question how do you think this deck would fair and the big4
black recovery x3 for black dodge x3
also i have 3 staredowns and another ahhis if its needed
North kai sensei-
black face smash x3
black pivot kick x3
black power catch x2
black pummeling strike x2
breakthrough drill x2
huh??? x1

mp- Majin vegeta 1-5(<-wgs lvl 1)

Black style mastery trunks saga

cit x2
winter countryside x1

tiawt x1
evil's true face x3
sse x1
android 17 smirks x1
ctp x1
tes x3
stupid tricks x3
black scout maneuver x3

dyjht x1
a hero's heart is strong x2
android 20's absorbing drill x2
awful abrasions x1
ghd x1
black power up x2

energy combat-
black knife hand strike x3
black energy web x3
black turning kick x3
nea x1
black dodge x3
black axe heel kick x3

physical combat-
gohans kick x3
majin knee strike x3
majin overwhelming attack x3
black side thrust x3
black defensive burst x3
black face slap x3
black body destruction x3
righteous strike x2
npr x1
vps x1
black palm reversal x3
black wrist block x3
black defense stance x3
so thanks again, and remember check this one not my other one

Nope, never got around to it. Not even the 20 other decks either. I feel bad for being so behind... bleh. Since you took the time to update your deck and ask me what's up, your deck will be the one I'll do. Thanks for letting me know though; teching a deck that has changed usually gets nowhere. Which Big 4? I'll be at San Diego's Big 4. If that is the one you are talking about, I'll see you there. I shouldn't be too hard to find... rolling backpack full of cards... picture is on track the dream card of me... you'll find me.

Anyway... let's get started.

Which Majin Vegeta Levels are you using? With what I see, this should be... WGS Level 1 BS Level 2 either BS or MBS Level 3 (depending if you want to go energy or physical) BS Level 4 BS Level 5

Your Sensei is fine; I assume you don't have any Goku's Blinding Strikes or they'd already be in there. You've maxed it out; nice job with taking a great variety, along with the awesome Black Pivot Kick.

Black TS is a great Mastery; no change here.

Now... Battlegrounds/Locations. You run 2x City In Turmoil, which will shut off all Nons, but note that you seem to run quite a few. You'll run into a ton of dead cards with this in mind. For you, Non-Combats should be: Where There's Life There's Hope Frieza Is Ready Fatherly Advice Victorious Drill Champion Drill Expectant Trunks Foreboding Evidence That is, if you can get those.

And MAYBE one or two of the attaching anti-anger cards. Remember that you don't want too much here as you won't be fighting too many anger decks. Severe Bruises is the best one in this scenario. Personally a bunch of anti anger with attacks should be enough, coupled with Cell's Threatening Position, which can come out via Expectant Trunks, Fatherly Advice, and Earth DB 7. Android 20's Absorbing Drill is a great Drill, and if it helps you a lot, use it. There's a lot of Drill hate around right now, especially with the introduction of Orange and Freestyle MBS. A Hero's Heart is Strong is a very strong card if when used against specific archtypes (like Namekian and combo decks). It works better in Tuff Enuff to stop decks like Krillin Energy. If Namekian is still strong where you are, you might consider running one or two, but that's up to you. I don't think you need your discard pile much. In a sense, Dying Planet might work better. The reason why I say this is... some of your nons are quite bad. Black Power Up = nah. Don't You Just Hate That - you have Pivot Kick. Yes you have some strong Non-Combats, but only run ones that will change the game drastically for you. You don't have much of your own deck manipulation, and hence you'll want to avoid getting a hand of nons.

Physical Combat... let's see. All good until we hit Righteous Strike. Say goodbye to that. Palm Reversal won't be terribly easy to pull off. Upward Dodge is a nice block that you could consider. Pikkon's Leg Catch is just plain good; regenerate 3 and go to full. Black Duck is quite good as well (PLC better). But by all means you need three Majin's Perfect Defense. It is a staple in Majin decks.

Energy Combat... um... take Black Dodge out, Black Axe Heel Kick out... Black Recovery is the best Black Energy Block. Other than that, you have the omni-blocks, Knife Hand Strike and Absorbing Drill. You have Nappa's Energy Aura and should add Frieza's Force Bubble. You have Black Energy Web. That's good enough.

Combats - You need Cell's Defense, Battle Pausing, Power of the Dragon (anti DB), and 3x Android 18's Stare Down. You have pretty good choices otherwise.

With that I say good luck. You are missing some staples; add them in and you'll see that your deck should work much more smoothly. You've got some of the best Black has to offer, and with that in mind, you should be well on your way. Good Luck. If you need anything else, let me know.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan