Subject: Blue Goten... Honestly I have no idea what this deck is

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From: Sinclairfmly
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 14:06:21 EDT

Hey Matt could you help out on my blue deck?!
Congrats on making to the top 8!
I also use Devastation Drill. Kid Buu Preview 6
Blue Lunge 97 Fusion
Blue Happiness GB2
Super Saiyan Effect
Gohan Spots The Imposter Drill
Android 20 Abosorbing Drill X2

Main Personality
Cards: 4, Percentage of Deck: 5%
<A HREF="">Goten - 118</A>
<A HREF="">Goten - 171</A>
<A HREF="">Goten - 173</A>
<A HREF="">Goten - 172</A>

Other Personality Cards
Cards: 3, Percentage of Deck: 3%
<A HREF="">Gotenks (Level 1) - 154</A> <A HREF="">Grand Kai - 132</A> <A HREF="">Kid Trunks - 166</A>

Combat Cards
Cards: 8, Percentage of Deck: 10%
<A HREF="">Brothers in Training - Preview 5</A> <A HREF="">Krillin's Search - P4</A> <A HREF="">2x Mother's Touch - 90</A> <A HREF="">Piccolo's Fist Block - P10</A> <A HREF="">Time Is A Warrior's Tool - 30</A> <A HREF="">2x Trunks Energy Sphere - 84</A>

Physical Combat Cards
Cards: 28, Percentage of Deck: 36%
<A HREF="">Android 16 Detects - 106</A> <A HREF="">3x Blue Betrayal - 54</A> <A HREF="">Blue Big Outside Drop - 59</A> <A HREF="">Blue Evasion - 47</A> <A HREF="">3x Blue Fire Kick - 8</A> <A HREF="">Blue Fist Smash - 104</A> <A HREF="">3x Blue Knockdown - 4</A> <A HREF="">Blue Palm Shot - 56</A> <A HREF="">3x Blue Sidestep - 17</A> <A HREF="">3x Blue Sneak Attack - 12</A> <A HREF="">Blue Straight Jab - 104</A> <A HREF="">Garlic Jr's Kyokaika Technique - 31</A> <A HREF="">2x Gotenks Flight - 132</A> <A HREF="">3x Trunks Swiftly Moving - 99</A> <A HREF="">Vegeta's Physical Stance - 28</A>

Energy Combat Cards
Cards: 8, Percentage of Deck: 10%
<A HREF="">Blue Terror - 99</A>
<A HREF="">3x Goku Swiftly Moving - 66</A> <A HREF="">Goku's Super Saiyan Blast! - 106</A> <A HREF="">Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast - 130</A> <A HREF="">Supreme Kai's Ki Push - 148</A> <A HREF="">Vegeta's Stance - 220</A>

Cards: 0, Percentage of Deck: 0%

Mastery Cards
Cards: 1, Percentage of Deck: 1%
<A HREF="">Blue Style Mastery - 128</A>

Drill Cards
Cards: 6, Percentage of Deck: 7%
<A HREF="">Blue Prepared Drill - 45</A> <A HREF="">Blue Stamina Drill - 48</A> <A HREF="">2x Breakthrough Drill - 42</A> <A HREF="">Determination Drill - 5</A> <A HREF="">Hercule's Assault Drill - 7</A>

Non-Combat Cards
Cards: 17, Percentage of Deck: 22%
<A HREF="">A Hospital Stay - 26</A>
<A HREF="">Awful Abrasions - C5</A>
<A HREF="">Blue Battle Readiness - 34</A> <A HREF="">2x Blue Idea - 16</A> <A HREF="">Burning Rage! - 23</A> <A HREF="">Capsule Corp. Ship - 72</A> <A HREF="">Don't You Just Hate That - 125</A> <A HREF="">2x Energy Gathering - 11</A> <A HREF="">Goku's Farewell - 99</A> <A HREF="">It's All About Time - P7</A> <A HREF="">King Kai's Thoughts - 134</A> <A HREF="">Like Father, Like Son - 61</A> <A HREF="">Mommy's Coming Dear - 119</A> <A HREF="">2x The Fusion Dance - 149</A>

Dragon Ball Cards
Cards: 1, Percentage of Deck: 1%
<A HREF="">Alt. Dende Dragon Ball 7 - 122</A>

Honestly I don't. I came up with that Title above. This looks like a random selection of cards, many of them really terrible. Then again looks can be deceiving.

First off, thanks for the compliment. It's nice to see people recognize what I do.

Now... to the deck... let's just say that you my friend have a long way to go. Next time you send me a deck I would appreciate it if you write out a deck list somewhat like this:

Main Personality
Goten Level 1 MBS
Goten Level 2 MBS
Goten Level 3 MBS
Goten Level 4 MBS

Blue Style Mastery MBS (I had no idea which Mastery... I'm assuming the Buu Saga one because it matches card number)

Physical Combat
3x Gohan's Kick
1x Nappa's Physical Resistance

South Kai Sensei [5]
1x HUH???
1x Gotenks Level 1
3x Blue Energy Dive

Kid Trunks Level 1 MBS

And so forth. It makes it much easier on my eyes. That and when I hit reply, I got this random mess above that was near impossible to read. I hope Pojo can actually figure out what the heck the deck says.

But the Percentages of cards is quite interesting, and that is something by all means we'll address.

Anyway... here we go.
Goten isn't a character I'd really try to use unless I really wanted to or I wanted to play Fusion. Since you incorporate Fusion in this deck, I figured I might as well just make Fusion your goal, but not reliant on it. That saying because Fusion is just so terrible.

You first need a Sensei deck to play Fusion. Don't tell me you didn't know that. You need a Sensei, and South is the best for Fusion. Place HUH???, Gotenks 1 and 2, and two other cards... Goku's Blinding Strikes, Blue Energy Dives... whatever, just something good. You don't want to sensei in too much since you can't lose your Fusion Dances/Kid Trunks.

For Fusion, run 3x The Fusion Dance, 1x Hero's Lucky Break, both Kid Trunks levels in both 1 and 2, and of course both Gotenks. You'll also want some way to level so you can do your level 2 Fusion. Aura Clash and Transformation come to mind. Raising your anger isn't that hard in Blue, especially with cards like Blue Stance and Blue Longshot at your disposal.

Of course you need the normal Blue Terror and 3x Blue Betrayal in your deck. Don't forget the normal staples to every deck. I can see you are missing most of them, and that's a very bad mistake. I would go and add them ASAP... and if you don't know them, go read some of my other deck techs. I constantly get on people's cases if they don't run them (the ones that work, since not all work in all decks).

Grand Kai is iffy... he's nice, but I'd rather have Chi-Chi Level 1 WGS. With a guaranteed two physicals for 3 stages, and focused to boot, she can be very nice once you use up your stages.

Your Combat cards are very unfocused. After you run the staples, you should be set here. I wouldn't run stuff like Piccolo's Fist Block, Krillin's Search, and Brothers in Training; great cards but don't work with the deck in the least bit. Drills aren't too necessary in a deck that needs to level (but of course you still run a few since you stay in Fusion for 5 turns). Mother's Touch is also a terrible card now.

Your Physical Combats are bleh. I can see only a couple cards I'd even consider running, and some of those are really iffy. Only A16 Detects, Blue Betrayal, Vegeta's Physical Stance (maybe), Blue Evasion (maybe, there are better choices like Leverage), Gotenks Flight (maybe), and Trunks Swiftly Moving (maybe) see fit in the least bit. Try running big useful cards like Blue Round Throw and Pikkon's Leg Catch. They are all around; you just have to find them.

Vegeta's Stance is your only terrible card in your energy combats. Other than that they look fine, but you need a whole lot more. Run some good utility cards like Blue Arm Blast, and cards to give you anger like Stance. There are a lot of nice ones out there; do your research.

Cards: 0, Percentage of Deck: 0%
That's a BIG mistake. Dying Planet first turn? Good Game. Run at least one, and two copies of it at least. Nothing good is coming to mind at the moment, but you can always use Protective Shelter, since setting up your discard is quite easy to do. There are a lot of options like Cell's Arena and Majin Buu's New House; just whatever you do I wouldn't try Majin Buu's Stomach. City in Turmoil is a double edged sword for you, as in Winter Countryside.

The only Drill you run that I would keep is Breakthrough Drill. As for your notes at the top, Devastation Drill won't really work very well. A couple Drills you might consider are Blue Mental Drill, Caught Off Guard Drill, and Vegeta's Quickness Drill. The thing is you don't want to run bad Drills, or Drills in general in a deck based in Combat, since they are non-combats.

Non-Combat Cards
Cards: 17, Percentage of Deck: 22%
22%. Tell me that there is something wrong. There is. That's way too much. I bet you'll get hands with 2-3 non-combats/dead cards, and then lose because of it. Big bonus is that cards like Capsule Corp Ship and Blue Idea (WHAT???) don't deserve a slot in your deck. Cut stuff like Burning Rage, Energy Gathering, and King Kai's Thoughts and run more stable stuff to get rid of threats, like the staple Expectant Trunks.

As for your Dragon Ball, Earth DB 7 is the best choice for a lone DB, unless you need NDB4.

You need stuff to get Kid Trunks out ASAP if you want to do Fusion. Stuff that can get Fusion Dance to hit the table (Blue Lunge is quite interesting, especially when comboed with Blue Energy Dive) is helpful. Don't forget your Gohan's Kicks to stay in combat and pummel your opponent. Good luck. You have a long way to go...

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan