Attention All People Who Have Emailed Me and Have Not Gotten a Response

All right, shame on me. But honestly, I never thought I’d get this much email, and keeping up with the normal work along with my life has kept me from going back and doing the ones back from May.

I should have all your emails, unless you gave me some broken email that I responded to and it got sent back (it annoys me to write a lot and it goes to waste). So no, I’m not ignoring you. I just have run out of time.

If you still want your deck to be teched, please send your deck AGAIN, marked “UPDATED – *insert deck name/type here*”. And yes, update your deck for Buu/Fusion if it comes out by then. I will do my best to get to those, but make sure you read the other link as well.

The reason for this is some people have taken apart that deck, so teching would do nothing, or updated it, and thus the tech wouldn’t be as much help as if the new cards are in it.

When I get a new version, I will delete your old one so I can tech the new copy.

I do write a lot, and am not usually satisfied with a quick job. If you want a quick job done, specify and yours will most likely be done faster (note in the subject).

And as for the people who have emailed me multiple decks – don’t expect me to long tech all of them. I think everyone should get a tech and my time shouldn’t be spend teching all 5 of one person’s deck.

Thanks for reading. I will do the best I can, but no promises on anything. Also, please note if you need this for a big tournament coming up, so I can take that into consideration.