Subject: Re: Gohan Freestyle Sword

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From: XpurpulpillzX
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 16:35:23 EDT

Here I am again with another deck for you to check out for me. I now run a
Gohan Freestyle Sword Deck and I need some help on it being as though I just
made it like 2 days ago. I got the idea down on the sword cards but there are so
many things I don't know on how to do to make this deck better. Here it is:

Main Personality- 4
Gohan lv1 (MBS)
Gohan, the Swift lv2 (CS)
Gohan, Mystic Training lv3 (MBS)
Gohan, Mystic lv4 (FuS Preview)

Sensei- 1
North Kai Sensei

Sensei Deck- 3
Hero's Drill x1 (WGS)
Black Scout Maneuver x2 (CA)

Combat- 16
Trunks Thinking x1 (CS)
Pure Defense x1 (Broly Subset)
Super Saiyan Effect x1 (AS Preview)
Battle Pausing x1 (SS)
Frieza Smiles 2x (FS)
Confrontation x2 (TS)
Aura Clash x2 (CGS)
Narrow Escape x2 (FuS)
Trunks Energy Spheres x3 (TS)

Physical Combat- 29
Gohan Sweep x4 (MBS)
Gohan Sword Thrust x4 (MBS)
Gohan Sword Slash x4 (MBS)
Gohan's Kick x3 (CGS)
Focused Sword Strike x3 (MBS)
Trunks Sword Position 1 x3 (TS)
Trunks Sword Position 2 x3 (TS)
Trunks Sword Position 4 x3 (TS)
Trunks Cuts Down x1 (TS)
King Colds Sword Trick x1 (TS)

Physical Defense- 11
Vegeta's Physical Stance x1 (SS)
Nappa's Physical Resistance x1 (SS)
Gohans Elbow Block x2 (CGS)
Heroic Sword Catch x2 (BS)
Trunks Swiftly Moving x3 (TS)
Goku's Running Defense x1 (Broly Subset)
Goku's Flight x1 (KBS Preview)

Energy Combat- 3
Trunks Sword Position 3 x3 (TS)

Energy Defense- 5
Nappa's Energy Aura x1 (SS)
Goku's Swiftly Moving x2 (MBS)
Straining Focusing Move x2 (FS)

Location- 1
Protective Shelter 1x (CGS)

DragonBalls- 2
Alt. Dende DragonBall 2 x1 (MBS)
Alt. Dende DragonBall 7 x1 (MBS)

Drills- 7
Android 20's Absorbing Drill x2 (AS Preview)
Gohan's Swordplay Drill x4 (MBS)
Vegeta's Pride Drill x1 (FuS Preview)

Non-Combats- 3
Trunks Finds The Answer x2 (TS Preview)
Expectant Trunks x1 (TS)

Allies- 2
Chi-Chi lv1 (SS)
Krillin, the Friend lv1 (CS)

That's pretty much my deck. I know most of my blocks are pretty pathetic and
I need Trunks Swordplay Drills but like I said, I made this deck like 2 days
ago. I found a Huh??? online but it's like $25 and I have no money on me right
now. I also have a Power of the Dragon but I'm not sure if I should put it in.
Thanks for your time.

HUH??? for $25? I bet I could find one for like a buck or two if I tried. People who go to sanctioned tournaments and whatnot have a big handful. I got I think 6 from a guy with a bunch of other stuff for a little over $30, and that was with about 8 shirts and some yellow scouters and swords.

Yes, run Power of the Dragon. I think it is a staple. That's just me. Tech for DB is something I would always run, especially if you have no HUH???

As for you, you need to fill your Sensei deck. People that don't fill it... ick. It needs to be done. So go do it. Before I get mad.

I would run the CS HT Level 3, and probably a level 5 just in case. It can't hurt too much.

Add a Confrontation, ditch Frieza Smiles, add POTD, and I think Krillin's Search would be a good addition as well. Otherwise, not bad.

Add Trunks Sword Slice, another Kick, and if you have it Gohan's Power Hit. I would take out the Cuts Down. If room is needed, both TSP1 and 2 can be taken out.

I would go with 4 Elbow Block, 3 Goku's Flight, 1 Running Defense, 1 Aura, 1 Force Bubble, 3 Energy Ricochet, and maybe some Pikkon's Leg Catches. There might be a few more but nothing else is coming to mind right now. I did a tech on a Sword deck earlier in the week. Be sure to look at it.

I would run Tree of Might as your Battleground. A location like Winter Countryside or something else like Shelter would be nice so you can Mastery for Gohan's Nimbus Cloud and get rid of City In Turmoil it if hits play. You should run at 2-4 Battleground/Locations in every deck, and this one needs 4.

I just noticed it... you don't run a Mastery >_<... I'm gonna cry... run the MBS one please...

For your DBs I'd run alt Dende 2 and 3 so you can shutdown CIT.

Allies... Chi-chi is cool... for kicks I would try out Icarus, but I'm weird that way. Krillin is cool too.

You should run more Drills. I would load up on 4 Gohan's Swordplay Drill, 3 Trunks Swordplay Drill, 3 Devastation Drill, 2 Android 20 Absorbing Drill, 2 Caught Off Guard Drill, 1 Vegeta's Quickness Drill and maybe Heroic Drill... at least. Vegeta's Pride Drill is weak though.

Hmm... nons... I assume you own no URs so no use in messing with that. For some reason there seems to be something missing but I can't think of what.

Not bad. A little work and this can be much better. Make sure you run good Drills; that's the key to Freestyle. Good luck, and read the other tech when it shows up on Pojo.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan